Kindergarten Teacher Speaks Against Common Core: Braves Intimidation by School District and Governing Board

At a state Senate education hearing, a kindergarten teacher from Sikeston, Missouri, described that she has been intimidated by both her school district and the local school board for speaking out against the Common Core Learning Standards.

As reported by Missouri Torch, Susan Kimball testified Wednesday in support of Missouri SB 514 and SB 798. SB 514 “prohibits the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts from implementing the Common Core State Standards.” SB 798 “modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education standards and assessments.”

What’s interesting about those two Missouri bills is that they are virtually identical to Arizona’s SB1310.  SB1310 was killed in the Senate when 5 Arizona Republicans joined all of the Democrats to vote against it.  Those Senators include Adam Driggs, John McComish, Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, and Bob Worsley.

Here is SB1310:  "Prohibits the State Board of Education (SBE) from implementing the Common Core Standards, requires Arizona to withdraw from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and makes other changes regarding educational standards and assessments."

Ms. Susan Kimball, a 20-year, Nationally board certified Kindergarten teacher, as well as child psychologist Dr. Megan Koschnick, plus licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Maria Calamia, plus over 400 child development experts, teachers, professors, and CEO’s have been issuing warnings about the destructive nature of Common Core State Standards (aka Arizona College & Career Ready Standards).  What is it going to take for our Arizona Legislature and Governor to pull out and go back to the pre-2010 Standards?  To strengthen those standards, why not follow the advice of the Alliance for Childhood professionals, and put together a consortium of early childhood researchers, developmental psychologists, pediatricians, cognitive scientists, master teachers, and school leaders to develop comprehensive guidelines for effective early care and teaching that recognize the right of every child to a health start in life and a developmentally appropriate education.

Or, you could accept the professional expertise of Dr. Sandra Stotsky who said she would offer her services pro bono!  See 10/30/2013 Common Core State Standards Symposium.  

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