Michigan Pulling Away from Common Core

Are Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal and our Arizona legislators paying attention to the unraveling of Common Core as one state after another discovers the truth about it?  Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, South Dakota, and North Carolina have been backing away like crawdads.  Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Alaska never did like it and know they can do better.

Common Core was never voted on by the people of Arizona.  Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne signed us up for Common Core as a condition for receiving Race to the Top money. 

Why is it always about money?  I thought it was "for the children."

Michigan is the latest state to put the brakes on the controversial untested Common Core Curriculum. So, even a union-controlled state like Michigan has figured it out:  Common Core is not going to improve the education of Michigan’s children.  

According to a recent article titled Michigan Pulling Away from Common Core:

 "The federal government’s close ties to the standards—with the Obama Administration using federal dollars and No Child Left Behind waivers to entice states to adopt common standards—has concerned many state leaders, and many are questioning the cost of implementation and the quality of the standards themselves as well.

"Although the Michigan Department of Education adopted Common Core in 2010, the legislature did not approve it.  State Representative Tom McMillin (R), who sponsored the measure, says the authority to change standards belongs to the legislature, not the board of education."

So, what’s wrong with the one size fits all nationalized Common Core Curriculum?  If you have a spare three minutes, watch this:   Common Core for Skeptics in a 3-Minute Video.