Open Letter to Gilbert Town Council: Oppose 2012 ICC Codes

submitted by John Brakeman, Gilbert, AZ.

Dear Mayor Lewis and Gilbert Town Council Members,

As a long time resident of Gilbert and a professional in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry, I robustly urge you to strongly oppose implementing the 2012 ICC Code structure in the Town of Gilbert.

I have seen first hand in other communities how the 2012 ICC codes have created unintended issues due to over-regulation.
Gilbert and the AEC industry would be better served by maintaining locally written life-safety guidelines.

Part of the appeal of Gilbert was that we could make individual choices that best met our needs with respect to our property. Please do not take that away from us or future generations by forcing arbitrary building regulation.

At a recent presentation, Mayor Lewis noted that Gilbert is a "Clean, Safe, Vibrant"community.  It was also suggested that Gilbert is an "Innovative, Lean, Fiscally Responsible, Business Friendly, Premier Education & Freedom Community."

Implementing the new codes would certainly limit freedom of choice and decrease the vibrant growth that we’ve all worked so hard to achieve. Furthermore, innovation is not following the crowd, but leading the way by blazing our own path.

Please Oppose 2012 ICC Codes.