Mickie Niland to be Campaign Manager for Victor Petersen – Candidate for Town Council!

It’s time for a new voice on our Town Council, and Mickie Niland has gladly accepted the honor and privilege to be campaign manager for Victor Petersen in his run for Gilbert Town Council.

"Victor is a man of great personal integrity," said Mickie, "and he cares deeply about Gilbert’s families, our economic future, and in protecting Gilbert’s long heritage of hard work, self-reliance and heart-felt service."

Victor is a Gilbert business man with a strong work ethic, and he is firmly planted in the principles of good common-sense government. Mickie believes in him and is ready to give him her best effort to ensure the People of Gilbert learn about this strong, dedicated leader.

The Citizens of Gilbert could find no better voice to represent them than Victor Petersen.

For more about Victor Petersen please visit VoteVictor2011.com.

You may also email Mrs. Mickie Niland at CM@votevictor2011.com to see a schedule of Cottage meetings.