Mike Richardson Files for Maricopa County Republican Committee – EGC Delegate At Large

by Mike Richardson

Hello fellow PC’s,

At a time when our nation is so polarized and divided, the foundation of our Republican Party must stand and take action.  With our future at stake and the 2014 election season starting, a strong and cohesive party must be ready to face the challenge.  I believe the only way to fix the nation’s problems is through the states.  In order to ensure a strong and effective state government, we Republicans must provide a united front.

During my four years as a Precinct Committeeman, I have done much work, as we all have, on various party projects, and I have met literally hundreds of hard working Republicans.  The PCs with whom I have worked come from many perspectives and priorities present in today’s party.  The AZGOP is truly a big, diverse group of dedicated Arizonans who have proven over and over again that we can work together.  Success depends on that in the coming year.

I believe that I can make a positive impact on the MCRC during the next term.  That is why I have submitted my letter of intent to run for EGC Delegate at Large.  I am running independently without joining a slate, and am going to rely on my background and the contributions to the Party and State that I have made so far. 

My resume includes almost 40 years of owning my own electrical contracting business, requiring technical design, sales, and many administrative skills.  As a result of that and other experiences, I have learned the importance of team building and loyalty.  I am a person who can work, as well as form friendships with individuals who have different allegiances, and still maintain my strong conservative Republican ideals.

I am married to my High School sweetheart, and we have four adult children who have given us seven fantastic granddaughters.  My desire is to insure that all of our young people have the same opportunities that our generation had.  

I hope that you can support my candidacy, help spread the word if you believe my sincerity, and vote for me at the MCRC meeting in January.

Highest Regards,

Mike Richardson  LD18  PC