Who Owns the Arizona Capitol Building?

by Mike Richardson
LD18 Precinct Committeeman

If my recollection serves me properly, about three years ago the Governor and the Legislature sold our Capitol Building among other structures, with a corresponding lease/buy back agreement.  The only dollar figures that I have heard is the amount of $800,000 dollars coming to the state as a result of the sale.  Regardless of the amount, the sale money was used to help “balance” the budget, and now must be paid back.

Essentially what has happened is that our State Government pawned our [the citizens] property to an unknown pawn shop, for an undisclosed amount of money and refuses to tell us anything about the deal.  If this action had been done by a corporate board of directors, they may very well have found themselves in the hoosegow.

I believe that a bill needs to be submitted during this upcoming legislative session requiring the “Keepers of the secrets” to fess up and tell the whole story, make it public, and then, as the top priority, buy all of the properties back.  Please contact your Senators and Representatives, the Governor, and whatever media [Feckless as they are] to finally address this embarrassing third rate flim flam scam.

Things we Know

The deal was made, and the buy back has not as yet occurred.

Things we Don’t Know

Who are the current owners of the properties?
How much money was involved in the sale?
How much is the yearly cost of debt service and any other expenditures?
Which properties were involved?
Who were the consultants and brokers?
Why is this deal being kept from the publics eyes?
Are the sale documents required by constitutional law to be part of the public record?
Who has the authority to make back room deals disposing of public properties?
Do any of the members of the House or Senate know the answers?
Where has the media been on this brazen tale of duplicity?

According to State Representitve Warren Petersen LD12, many efforts have been made to ferret out the details of this shadowy deal, but stonewalling is the name of the game at the two chambers of the Legislature and the Governors offices as well.

I believe that it is time for a come to the taxpayers moment and tell the story.

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