Murrieta’s Cliven Bundy Moment

Sometimes, we have to depend on Canada to read about what’s happening behind the scenes in America.  So it is with this story published by Canada Free Press about why the folks in Murrieta, California, stopped three busloads of illegal alien women and children and turned them around.  This small community, that grew up fast but fights to remain "small town," could be Gilbert, Arizona.

As you read this, you’ll discover that our federal government had been using Escondido and then Murrieta as a dumping location for illegals, in the dead of night, for months.  Escondido’s residents had fought against this outrage, but we didn’t hear about it.  So, the feds pushed on up the road, to Murrieta.    

According to the author,  who has lived in Murrieta since 1989, Douglas V. Gibbs:

"The numbers I have been told have changed based on who I have talked to, ranging from 500 a week to 50 here and there.  However, based on my conversations with local officials, the number recently has been jacked up to 200 every 72 hours.  Two hundred people, strangers in a strange land, who don’t speak the language, and are often sick with communicable diseases, are being shipped in, processed, and then released into the general population, every three days."

Douglas Gibbs’s grand-daughter was diagnosed with hand and foot disease:

"A month ago, my granddaughter was diagnosed at an urgent care center with having a viral infection called hand and foot disease.  This disease normally breeds in areas where conditions are not the best, usually infects communities, and there is no treatment available for it.  It is a four-day viral infection that includes fatigue, a sore throat, and sores in and on the mouth, and on the feet and hands.  When my son took his daughter to the doctor, the man told him that incidents of hand and foot were on the rise in the local area, but he did not know why.  I immediately put two and two together, and began to do a little investigating."

After the buses turned around, and the media left, the last protestor stayed until 1:00 am.  

"A bus with 40 illegals on board arrived in the dead of night, at 1:30 am, shortly after the last protester departed.  The illegals were debarked while nobody was looking, processed behind a curtain, and will probably be released in the dead of night as well."

"Such is the deceptive nature of the federal government, and their scheme to import illegal aliens, whether the citizens like it, or not," states Gibbs.

Douglas Gibbs’s wife came to America legally.  She considers what’s happening to be a slap in her face.

It’s much worse than that.  We are living in an anarchy, a social structure without government or law and order.  

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