New Gilbert Town Council Members take Oath of Office

June 14 was an evening of speeches and gratitude. Three Council members–Linda Abbott, Dave Crozier and Les Presmyk–said goodbye.

Four new Council members—Eddie Cook, Ben Cooper, Victor Petersen, and Jordan Ray—took their Oaths of office, and said hello.

Jenn Daniels was voted Vice Mayor by our new Council.

June 14 is also the day we honor our beloved Flag.

Other highlights:

Dave Crozier (showed up!) was very gracious and thankful to his family, his former colleagues on the Council, and staff.

Les Presmyk listed the accomplishments of many Councils over the years and then, when he thanked his wife for standing by him, his voice broke. He said, “I wish the same success to those who will now set policy for our Town. Tough decisions lie ahead, and I am confident you will make them as Councils before you have done so.”

Eddie Cook stepped off the dais and walked to the floor with a large bunch of long-stemmed roses for his wife. He said to the audience, “You have my commitment that Gilbert families, Gilbert businesses, the Staff and Town Government will be One Team, One Family, One Community moving forward. I’ll do my best to fulfill and honor that.”

Ben Cooper thanked his wife and his “Triple-A Team" (his daughters Anna, Audrey and Allie), and he said, “I’m doing this for you, and for the future of Gilbert.” He stated a common theme throughout his campaign: his commitment to business growth, high wage jobs, and a lean government without sacrificing services.

Victor Petersen expressed his deep gratitude to his wife and reaffirmed his commitment to principles, saying, “I care more about what’s right than whose right.” He expressed his openness to all valid ideas. He acknowledged Gilbert’s families, the salt of the earth, noting that Gilbert is the most married city in America. He vowed to protect and maintain individual rights.

Jordan Ray delivered the best one-liner. “When Ben Cooper asked if I wanted to go speak down there on the floor like Eddie did, I told him that Eddie has been upstaging us ever since the Primary, and I’m tired of it!” He acknowledged the difficult decisions that lie ahead and his belief that together we can make those decisions and continue to make Gilbert the best place to live.