Our Tantrum-Throwing Governor Brewer

As Americans become ever more entitled, demanding, and dependent on government for their sustenance, it’s sad to see a so-called "Republican" Governor and several state legislators encouraging that same dependency.  It’s even sadder that this Governor and these legislators represent Arizona.    

See "Brewer’s Tantrum" by the editors of National Review Online.  Here are a few excerpts about our Governor:

"Jan Brewer’s eagerness to impose new taxes to help the Obama administration finance its expansion of the welfare state has gone from unwise to unseemly: The Republican governor of Arizona is attempting to force the Republican-led state legislature to expand Medicaid and is threatening to veto all legislation until she is satisfied. She is calling her gambit a “moratorium” on legislation, and she already has vetoed five unrelated bills. This is conduct unbecoming of a chief executive.

"Executives are entrusted with veto power to ensure that defective bills do not become law, not to hold the entire legislative process hostage until they get their way. Governor Brewer’s shenanigans are the political equivalent of holding one’s breath and stamping one’s feet. She is the Veruca Salt of governors."