Plain Logic

by Rusdon Ray

Why should we, because of our own selfish desires, try to control our neighbors and subject ourselves, so that

the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor” Isaiah 3:5

This is a matter of plain logic. Government, from the federal government to the smallest HOA, has become what it claims to protect us against. It has become its own worst enemy.

Government claims to protect our privacy, yet it violates it at every turn with street cameras and invasive searches even at our local private airports. It claims to protect our property, yet it forces the compliance or removal of private property even in the absence of a request/complaint from any known persons involved. On the other hand, it claims to allow us to pursue happiness in our communities when it condemns and imprisons homeowners for making home improvements and even encourages neighbors to anonymously spy and turn their neighbors in for code violations on their private property, inspiring animosity among our communities.

Government claims to protect our right to worship as we please, yet it is the one from which we have felt the greatest threat to the extent that Elders, Preachers, Pastors, and Bishops are silent on many issues due to governmental restraints, threats, and intimidation.  Religious activities have even been limited on private property due to the over reaching and good meaning code enforcement officers that swarm our streets.

Government claims to protect us from home invasion and tampering with personal property, when government itself is most guilty of unwarranted inspections of private property in search of a reason for a new fine or code violation. It claims to protect life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness, but it has become what most often hinders those very things for which we wrote the Declaration of Independence and proclaimed ourselves to be free.

We feel it is government (and not the people collectively) that is inherently Tyrannical. The majority of the people most often choose liberty, while unhindered government inevitably goes the way of Tyranny, like a fire burning out of control.

We therefore call on responsible citizens and government officials at all levels to reevaluate and express their desire for true liberty by denouncing tyrannical practices wherever they are seen. We call for the removal of invasive street cameras in our local communities, full nude body scanners and invasive searches at our airports, and inspector/ code enforcement home intrusions, other than that specifically and limitedly requested for the benefit of that respective home owner and for public safety only.

We declare that the rights of the collective can only be protected when the rights of the individual are  protected since the collective is made up of individuals and does not exist as a single entity. God gave us life and made us free with the purpose to have joy.

We call for members of HOA’s, which include both those on the HOA boards and every homeowner in the community, to limit their collective forceful actions to the common property and enhance their own volunteer charitable actions to private property.

Thus we will each enjoy an atmosphere of freedom and liberty, doing good of our own free will, while still collectively protecting our freedom and liberty. It is for this purpose we allow ourselves to be governed and taxed.