Planned Parenthood Deception

This is an important video that explains how money is "fungible." It reminds me of the guy who begs his father-in-law for several thousands of dollars, because "Your daughter is in desperate need of life-saving surgery!" The father-in-law responds, "No. You’ll spend it on drugs and alcohol." Son-in-law says, "Oh no. I’ve got money for that!"

See below for more examples of how Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers deceive women.  Over and over, Planned Parenthood asserts that they provide "prenatal care."  Guess what.  They don’t!

Does Planned Parenthood provide Mammograms, as Barack Obama, Miss Tennessee,  Whoopie Goldberg, and Cecile Richards assert?  NO!
Here’s another example of how the abortion industry lies to women:

See An abortion facility’s fake drawing of a baby at nine weeks compared to the reality."   

Early Options, an abortion facility in New York, has a fancy website featuring happy couples embracing. The facility advertises something it calls the “Soft Touch” method of abortion, which is a suction aspiration abortion using a hand-held syringe. In this type of abortion, a tube attached to a syringe is inserted into the woman’s uterus, and the abortionist manually creates the suction by pumping the syringe. This pulls apart the preborn child, forcing her, often in pieces, from the woman’s body.

The abortion facility calls this type of abortion “noninvasive” and “natural.” There is, of course, nothing natural about inserting a tube into a pregnant woman’s womb to suction out her developing child. The facility uses false depictions of abortions in an attempt to convince women that early abortion is trivial and easy, encouraging women to abort. 

HERE’S THE LIE:   CELLS                         HERE’S THE REALITY:   A BABY

The Truth is, even the tiniest embryo reveals God’s perfect design.  It is obvious to those who are willing to open their hearts and minds and see.  Day 1 Conception.  Of the 200,000,000 sperm that try to penetrate the mother’s egg cell, only one succeeds. At that very moment, a new and unique individual is formed. All of the inherited features of this new person are already set – whether it’s a boy or girl, the color of the eyes, the color of the hair, the dimples of the cheeks and the cleft of the chin. He or she is smaller than a grain of sugar, but the instructions are present for all that this person will ever become.  See Milestones of Early Life

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