Please Stand Up for Michelle Anderson!

Ms. Michelle Anderson ran an excellent campaign for Higley School board.  She lost by only 93 votes.  With the recent resignation of board member Denise Standage, one would think that Ms. Anderson would be the most likely person to fill the position.  However, Higley’s Superintendent Dr. Birdwell and Board President Venessa Whitener ignored her and submitted three other names to the Maricopa County School Superintendent Don Covey for consideration.

Please read Ms. Anderson’s statement below, and then send an email to Dr. Covey and copy Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney, asking that Ms. Anderson be chosen.  Here are their email addresses: and

Superintendent Covey is not required to select one of the three names submitted. The next step as far as the County is concerned is to hold a Nominee Seminar as a kind of combination training and job interview. Superintendent Covey has to choose the new Board member within a week after the Nominating Seminar.

Superintendent Covey will be inclined to pick from Dr. Birdwell’s list. The only way it will turn out differently is if voters let their voices be heard!

Here is a statement from Ms. Anderson:

"It is with great disappointment to tell you that the Higley Superintendent and Governing Board President decided to NOT consider the voice of 4760 voters and NOT nominate me for the vacant Governing Board seat.

"Because this decision follows a General Election, it is unjustifiable.

"Their nomination was made just TWO DAYS following the post of the final election results. And, LESS THAN a percent (93 votes) kept me from initially being elected! A nomination of a randomly interested candidate would make sense if a huge (and very close) election would not have just occurred…BUT ONE DID! They have decided to ignore the election (your votes) and nominate people that chose: 1) not to campaign for board; 2) not to get required petition signatures; 3) not to make their lives and views transparent; 4) not to take time off of work to campaign; 5) not to miss family events; 6) not to spend a lot of personal and donated money; 7) not to make themselves vulnerable to judgment and embarrassing attacks; 8) not to give up family and personal time to attend interviews, forums and meetings; and (9) not to sacrifice their health and relationships for the cause.

"I am so sorry this happened to you all. Please know I tried very hard. I am encouraged by how close this election was. My opponents had over $10,000 in funding for marketing them (and not from in-district people). I did not have this, and almost got elected. That is impressive.  Thank you for voting! Thank you for showing your support. I wanted to be a Board Member that brought balance to the Board; but the control of the control has been continued."