Please Vote for Eric Johnson for Gilbert School Board

Daryl Colvin and Julie Smith, conservative candidates running for school board, have their own unique set of problem-solving skills and experiences that will bring a rich diversity to the Gilbert Governing Board.  So, too, does Eric Johnson.  Not only did Eric participate and contribute to the Community Budget Committee and present cost-savings ideas, but he also deeply understands children with special needs and their parents. 

Forty-five year old Eric has muscular dystrophy and has been wheelchair-bound for the last eight years.  He is also the father of two children with special needs. His son at the age of five was diagnosed with several conditions, one of which is high functioning autism. He is now nine years of age and has had an IEP since he was five.  His 4-year old daughter has severe allergic reactions to both the environmental and food. "Try administering an EpiPen to a two year old," stated Eric, "it will break your heart."

Eric goes on to say, "It disturbs me that some individuals at the administration have been using special needs as a political tool to solicit more funds from the taxpayers. It has been said by some school administrators that the reason we do not have enough money is because special-needs takes all of the funding. This is not true. Special-needs are funded 100% by federal mandates, not state budgets or district taxes. It is time to stop blaming my son and other children with special needs for the failures of our school administrators."

Eric should know.  In addition to his work in the private sector, he has also served for several years as a legislative liaison at the Arizona Capitol.

Please take a look at Eric’s website and this November 6, please vote for Eric Johnson for Gilbert School Board.  He is running against Jill Humpherys for the 2-year seat.