Please Vote for Daryl Colvin for Gilbert School Board

Daryl Colvin, candidate for Gilbert School Board, is a long-time resident of Gilbert, with children attending Gilbert Public Schools.  He is a strong fiscal conservative who advocates putting tax dollars toward the classroom first!  That means to Teachers, Students, and the Materials they need.  Please visit his website Courage To Lead to see Daryl’s list of endorsements from conservative leaders.

Here’s a wonderful endorsement from Rick Dalton, who regularly teaches The Making of America seminar for Constitution Week USA.

"I recommend Daryl Colvin as one candidate who will do what’s best for the kids once he is on the school board in Gilbert. And that includes fiscal sanity and retaining the best teachers. As a teacher myself, and an instructor of Constitutional courses, I can vouch Daryl knows the principles of liberty and will apply them evenly for all." -Rick Dalton

As stated on Mr. Colvin’s website:  "If elected to the Gilbert School Board, I will ensure that there is a climate of fiscal and administrative transparency. I will ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and responsibly. The Arizona Auditor General audit of GPS reveals a consistent decline in the percentage of the budget from 63.3% in 2006 to 59.9% last year of dollars actually reaching the classroom (predominantly teacher layoffs). This downward trend must stop. It cannot continue in this direction without negatively impacting the excellent academics our community has come to know and expect from GPS."

Mr. Colvin is correct about the Auditor General’s report.  Please see "6/5/2012 GPS Meeting: NO Override!  NO Confidence"!

Here is an excerpt:

"A review of the FY2001 Auditor General’s report indicates that GPS put 63.4% of its budget toward the classroom the year before voters approved Prop 301, a tax increase “dedicated to the classroom.”

One year later, after GPS received $8,747,932 from Prop 301, GPS reduced the percentage devoted to the classroom. It dropped to 62.3%.

During 10 years of receiving the windfall Prop 301 money, GPS beat its pre-Prop 301 percentage of dollars to the classroom only twice: FY2003 and FY2004. In all other years, it was lower. By FY2011 the percentage dedicated to the classroom dropped to 59.9%."