Precinct Committeeman Mickie Niland’s Candidate Choices

Mickie Niland is a Precinct Committeeman representing the Megan Precinct #0764, LD22. She is extremely careful and thorough in her research, and she has graciously allowed me to publish the following.

Dear Friends and Family,

Election season is here. For months I have been attending candidate forums and studying the different candidates who are running for office. These are the individuals that I think will best represent my views for the office they are seeking. If you have any questions please ASK! I will be happy to give you more information on these individuals or tell you about others you may have questions about. My goal is to be an aid to those who are very busy in their careers, other areas of community service, and young mothers (the group closest to my heart.)

I appreciate the interest you take in these things.


PS: There are still Candidate Forums taking place in the next few weeks. If there is a candidate you want to meet, please let me know!

Governor: Jan Brewer

(The only one left) My choice dropped out of the race.

Senate JD Hayworth

Although he is not perfect he is an improvement! At least he is consistent! His views are more aligned with the needs of Arizona and he will stand with AZ on immigration.

6th Congressional District Jeff Smith

It is time for a New Voice! "Everything good you get with Flake you get with Smith, plus more!" Smith has private sector business experience. Flake has slowly moved to the Center away from his Constitutional roots notably on Cap & Trade and refers to AZ SB1070 as "Imprudent." Flake has his eye on higher offices and is not focusing on representing the people of the 6th District.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett

Very qualified and professional in this position.

Treasurer Doug Ducey

Doug is the only candidate with the educational background and the technical experience to do this job. Would you rather have a businessman or a politician handling our state’s money? I prefer a business man any day!!

Sec. of Public Instruction John Huppenthal

I was VERY impressed with John Huppenthal and his commitment to a return to greatness for education in Arizona. He spoke passionately about restoring History teaching, holding schools accountable for results and the use of our funds. Has fought hard for educational reform. Top endorsements for Conservative groups. Supportive of school choice!

Arizona Senator for LD22 Andy Biggs

He is a rock solid Constitutionalist! A true statesman! He stays connected to the people and keeps us informed of happenings. I have the utmost confidence in Andy!

Arizona Legislator for LD22 Eddie Farnsworth

Another rock solid Constitutionalist! Will stand with integrity and commitment for our Personal Liberties and the Constitution. Head and shoulders above the pack.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Top endorsements and solid credentials for the job. Responsible Conservative.

AZ Corporation Commissioners Brenda Burns & Gary Pierce

Responsible Conservatives, both are needed to keep a fiscally responsible majority. Wong, the third candidate running, was appointed by Napolitano–he is Wrong for the job.

Attorney General Andrew Thomas

This is the most difficult race for me. I wish there was a stronger candidate. When I heard them speak I liked Thomas a little more. Right to life has endorsed Thomas and he will continue to stand firm against illegal immigration.