Re-Elect Rep Andy Biggs to Congress

Every once in a while you have a chance to vote for someone and not against someone. Andy Biggs is the type of candidate any God-loving American can vote for and be happy.

Gilbert Watch endorses and supports the re-election of Andy Biggs to Congress and encourages every registered voter in Congressional District 5 to vote for Biggs in the November election.

Biggs stands with the founding ideals and values of America. Long before Trump, he was putting America first with his love of our Constitution and defense of the rights of every American. He has a long record of voting to support the integrity of the family, the sanctity of life, protecting religious liberty, free speech, securing the right to bear arms, and many more fundamental liberties of all Americans.

Biggs will never take credit for all he has done, but his record as the AZ Senate President was outstanding. Gov Ducey likes to talk about pulling Arizona out of a $1 billion budget deficit left by Democrat Janet Napolitano and Republican Jan Brewer. However, then Senate President Andy Biggs did much more to return Arizona to a structurally balanced budget and create $1 billion surplus than any other elected official at the State level.

As in any normal General election, there is a Democrat who is flying their usual failed ideas of socialism. This election is no exception. Biggs Democratic opponent supports the restriction of our religious liberties, job-killing environmental policies, and other failed Biden policies that have raised energy prices and put the future of our children at grave risk. That said, at least the Democrat is rather friendly and is being open and honest about his positions.

In contrast, another more deceptive opponent is running as a so-called “independent.” This opponent claims to be about unity, but does nothing more than attack Biggs with lies and hatred. Having no political accomplishments or substantive policies to run on, he is left to hide behind meaningless political platitudes that sound wonderful, but are actually aligned with the same destructive policies as Obama and Biden–and Putin for that matter. A wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed. Don’t be deceived.

Gilbert Watch rejects the lies and deceit of Biggs’ Independent opponent. Arizona needs more Churchills and less Stalins and Chamberlins. We should return Andy Biggs to the US Congress so America has a fighting chance to secure our border, strengthen our economy, and protect the integrity of the family.