Vote Kari Lake for AZ Governor

Photo credit: Greg Skidmore

Gilbert Watch endorses Kari Lake for Arizona Governor. As a newcomer to Arizona politics, Lake has earned the GOP nomination as the standard bearer in Arizona for the America First agenda.

There are many reasons Lake should serve as AZ Governor.

  1. Secure Border – Arizona residents are living under a tsunami of illegal immigration. This wave will decimate our economy with massive increases in homeless, illegal drugs, and crime. Lake is the only candidate with serious plans to address these problems.
  2. Family-First Education – Lake stands for school choice and schools free from the poisonous indoctrination of critical race theory and the sexualization of our children. She will return the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children.
  3. Pro-Life – Now that the SCOTUS has returned the abortion question to the States, it’s imperative we have a strong Governor to push back on the constant campaign to allow the cold-blooded murder of the unborn children in Arizona.
  4. Protect the Second Amendment – Over and over again, Lake states her position clearly: “Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.”
  5. Religious Freedom – Never again should the government violate Arizona citizen’s First Amendment rights and shut down Churches or persecute individuals for their religious beliefs. Lake is the only one who stands for the inalienable right of freedom of conscience and religious liberty.

Lake’s opponent is dangerous racist. Her discrimination of Talonya Adams was wrong and one of the most shameful acts in Arizona history. While this should be enough to reject this candidate, there are many more concerns such as racial environmental policies which would kill jobs and increase inflation. Her big-government policies will harm small businesses and destroy school choice in Arizona. The list of bad policies could go on and on. Biden has already killed the economy and allowed our cities to be overrun with crime, drugs, and lawlessness. We don’t need to make it worse.

Kari Lake is the right person at the right time. Please join millions of Arizona voters in voting for Kari Lake for Governor in November’s election.