Vote Bobbi Buchli for Gilbert Town Council

In November, Gilbert voters will decide who should occupy the final seat on the Town Council. Gilbert Watch endorses Bobbi Buchli and encourages every Gilbert voter to support her in November. There are many reasons Bobbi is a superior choice to her opponent. Here are just a few.

  1. Stop Commuter Rail – Bobbi opposes the expansion of light rail or commuter rail in Gilbert. The Town Council continues to leave the door open to these options in Gilbert. Bobbi will slam this door shut and fight to preserve our high quality of life. She knows commuter rail brings massive homeless and lower property values.
  2. Fiscal Responsibility – Bobbi won’t allow the Town to continue to raise taxes and increase spending in the face of out of control inflation and government spending. The Town has been on a relentless spending spree for years without a care for those on fixed income and those struggling to make ends meet.
  3. Supports Small Business – Bobbi has successfully operated a small business and knows the importance of small businesses to the Gilbert economy. She is the only one in this race who has run a successful small business.
  4. Experience that Matters – Bobbi has been in Gilbert for many years and has built a number of beautiful communities. She has real world experience working with residents, land, zoning, and helping Gilbert residents find a great place to raise their families.

While there are many reasons to support Bobbi, her opponent provides a few more.

  1. Union Supported and Endorsed – Bobbi’s opponent has taken thousands of dollars in union cash. They own him and will come collecting. The unions want more control and more taxpayer money and Bobbi’s opponent will surely oblige.
  2. Supports Apartments – His website claims, “I have a perfect voting record in opposing new High Density Multifamily (MFH) Apartment Housing and I’m committed to aggressively challenging requests to build more high-density apartments.” In truth, in his short time on Council, he voted more than once for higher density housing. He also seems to have a problem with basic honesty.
  3. Rejected Before – Bobbi’s opponent has already been rejected once by voters. Voters found him to be longwinded, confusing, and consistently against common sense. He voted to shut down business, masks mandates, and was found to simply be a rubber stamp for the Town bureaucrats. He’s nauseously vain and completely out of touch with the normal Gilbert voter.

The choice is clear. Bobbi Buchli is the obvious choice for any Gilbert voter. Join Gilbert Watch in supporting Bobbi in November. Here’s where you may register to vote or update your voter information for the November election.