Redistricting Arizona: How to Stop the Leftists from Deciding our Boundaries

I reported on this issue recently (“Guess Who’s in Charge of Redistricting Arizona?”) Now, here are the actions you can take to STOP the leftist organization Strategic Telemetry and its president Ken Strasma from deciding our Congressional boundaries:

To recap, and to provide additional information as learned from Ruth McClung. Ms. McClung (R) ran against Raul Grijalva (D) in Congressional District 7 last November. She was defeated, but there’s always another election! According to Ms. McClung:

"On Wednesday in a closed meeting, the Independent Redistricting Commission, in a 3-2 vote, chose the Leftist/Progressive firm Strategic Telemetry ( to remap Arizona’s district lines.

"The president of Strategic Telemetry, Ken Strasma, was the national target director for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He is directly involved with the DNC (Democratic National Committee.) He is a contributor to Democrat legislators. He is involved with the NCEC ( NCEC talks about Arizona on their website:

"Ken Strasma is listed as a trainer on the Democratic Underground website:×4492

"The chairman of the redistricting commission, Colleen Mathis, has a conflict of interest that she did not disclose. Her husband was the Treasurer for Nancy Young Wright, who was an incumbent in LD26 until she was ousted by voters last election cycle.

"According to Article 4 of the Arizona State Constitution, Colleen Mathis needs to be removed as chairman of our Independent Redistricting Commission for Gross Misconduct, Neglect of Duty and Conflict of Interest. Her vote was the deciding vote in bringing in the Liberals to Map the Congressional Districts here in Arizona.

"There are two Republicans that sit on the redistricting commission that have been fighting this. Thank you to both of them and please keep up the good fight for the people of Arizona. NO party affiliation when it comes to mapping is acceptable in this State. Republican or Democrat."

What YOU can do:

1. Call the Attorney General’s Office: Tom Horne, 520.628.6504, 602.542.5025, 800.352.8431,, and demand an injunction be filed. We are not being represented by this commission.

2. Contact Your State Legislators. Member Roster:

3. Call the Governor’s office: Telephone 602.542.4331, In State Toll Free 1.800.253.0883; Send her an email at:

4. Attend the meetings –

Go to this website and subscribe to meeting information. We need bodies at these meetings! The IRC needs to know we are paying attention.

5. Demand that Strategic Telemetry NOT be awarded this contract!

6. Demand that Colleen Mathis resign!

7. Contact the media – make sure they are covering this and that the public is informed on the “Independent” Redistricting Commission. Also note how frequently the Commission goes into Executive Session, meaning NO transparency!

Remember, the voters of Arizona voted to create this monstrosity (the IRC) in 2000. It was Prop 106. What were the voters of Arizona thinking?????? Why don’t we hold our Legislators accountable and save ourselves from these unintended consequences?