Richard Carmona Ignored his Job Policing Bad Doctors

Not only did Dr. Richard Carmona fiscally mismanage a community hospital until he was ultimately ousted, it has been learned that Carmona also blew off his responsibility to protect the public and discipline doctors for ethical lapses or inferior care.  This was when he was on the state Board of Medical Examiners for four years, from 1998 to 2002. 

He skipped 284 votes on disciplining doctors for delivering inferior care.  He also failed to attend 24 meetings of the BoMEx. 

No wonder the Arizona Medical Association, of which Carmona was a board member, has failed to endorse his Senate run. 

As stated by Mike Flynn in  Dem Senate Candidate Carmona Ignored his Job Policing Bad Doctors, "If he skipped his responsibilities when he thought no one was looking, why should we expect him to do better with the public’s trust in the Senate?"