Ron Bellus for Gilbert Schools Governing Board

Ron Bellus, candidate for the Gilbert School Board, has received the endorsements of Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and Maricopa County Treasurer Charles "Hos" Hoskins.

"I have known and worked with Ron Bellus at the Legislature and now at the Corporation Commission for many years," said Commissioner Pierce. "Ron is a knowledgeable and hardworking leader who knows how to accomplish great things. His ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds is critical in bringing a consensus on important issues and will serve Gilbert Schools well. He knows how to compromise on issues but not on principles – and he knows the difference. I trust Ron to do the right thing and I fully endorse him for the Gilbert School Board."

County Attorney Bill Montgomery said:  

"Ron Bellus is an exceptional leader. He demonstrates this with his willingness to be an active part of our Gilbert community for more than 20 years. Ron is a problem solver. He’s able to with people from diverse backgrounds and help bring consensus on important issues. Ron will be a great addition to our Gilbert School Board. And he does portray a great George Washington, doesn’t he?’

According to County Treasurer Hos Hoskins:

"I am happy to endorse Ron Bellus for the Governing Board of Gilbert Schools.  Ron worked for me at the County Treasurer’s Office for a short period of time on some important projects that needed his expertise. He is courteous in his decorum and efficient with his time and public resources. He is a quick study and managed complex issues dealing with other elected officials in a very professional manner. Ron will be a great addition to the Gilbert School Board in helping to maintain the high quality of education excellence the Gilbert community expects."

Ron’s conservative credentials are solid. He favors financial accountability and transparency, living within a budget and his maxim is: "Protect the Classroom. When money is tight-and it usually is-the last place you cut the education budget of the district is the classroom-not the first," Ron said.

Ron Bellus has lived in Gilbert for over 21 years. He served on the inaugural Human Relations Commission for three years as its Vice Chair; he was a substitute teacher for GPS for four years; he has been serving as a Hearing Office for the Maricopa County Justice Courts for ten years; and for the past 14 years, Ron has portrayed General George Washington for the Gilbert Constitution Celebration visiting the GPS schools teaching the students about the founding of our country. Ron has worked in the governor’s office, at the legislature and currently serves as the Director of Broadcast Services at the Arizona Corporation Commission. Ron is married to Gina.  Six of their seven children attended Gilbert Public Schools, and they have seven grandchildren currently attending Gilbert Schools.

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