Scott Smith supports “11 Million Illegals to Get Right with the Law and Earn a Pathway to Citizenship”

That was Scott Smith’s very clear statement less than a year ago.  Do you think he will play crawdad and back away from his bold assertions, now that he’s seen what happened to Eric Cantor?  

Click HERE for the link to Smith’s press release.  

This is what he stated on June 27, 2013, when he was the U.S. Conference of Mayors President:

Washington, D.C. – USCM President, Mesa (AZ) Mayor Scott Smith issued the following statement today after the vote in the U.S. Senate on the immigration reform bill: 

“The nation’s mayors applaud the Senate’s decisive passage of bipartisan legislation that will repair our broken immigration system. This bill will further strengthen border security, create an effective employer verification system, reform the legal immigration system, and allow the 11 million people residing in the country illegally to get right with the law and earn a pathway to citizenship – all provisions which are consistent with the adopted policy of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. 

“The Senate bill is not perfect, but compromises rarely are. The important thing is that it is worthy of our heritage as a nation of immigrants and will help us move our economy forward. “We urge the House of Representatives to follow the Senate’s strong lead and adopt comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform legislation this year. This is the right thing to do for our families, our cities, our economy, and our country.” 

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