Illegal Alien Mob Disrupts Townhall Meeting Demanding Amnesty & Citizenship, Chant “We’ll be Back”!


This video showing the contemptible disruption of Texas Congressman Pete Olson’s Townhall meeting with constituents last fall exemplifies the tactics used by illegals who claim they have rights and are deserving of respect. Throughout the boorish commotion they issued threats while shutting down Republican Congressman Olson‘s ability to speak.

Although this occurred several months ago, it is instructive in the context of the current push for amnesty to legalize our country’s illegal invaders by the U.S. House GOP.

These demanding and intimidating illegals are the so-called DREAMers that U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, Speaker John Boehner and the Republican establishment are prepared to "honor with the gift of U.S. citizenship" along with their family members. Though the number 11 million has been continually used the past decade, there are likely upward of 30 million who will be recipients of such reckless and destructive generosity.

An invitation to fraud, the DREAM Act is far more expansive than presented. Anyone up to the age of 35 who claims they were brought here before age 16 can apply for amnesty. Since illegal aliens are, as the media likes to call them — “undocumented” — there is no way of verifying their claims. They could have arrived as adults last week. In fact, illegal aliens do not need to attend college or join the military to receive legal status, they simply need to declare that they intend to do so within the next six years. In order to receive legal status, they don’t need to show they are of “good moral character” and can actually be convicted criminals. But such facts don’t impede their abilities to compete with Americans for limited jobs, and attend public colleges with in-state tuition, thanks to our so-called representatives who are eager to provide them legal status, with  citizenship the next bit of the "piecemeal" scheme.

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