You’ve seen the signs around town If you go to the website, you’ll find loads of newspaper articles, Gilbert Watch articles, and citations from All relate to the incumbents’ role in bad land deals and higher taxes. And recently, a seller cited the Zinke land deal for why he held out for three times the appraised value when he sold property to the Town. Zinke is the error in judgment that keeps on hurting the taxpayers. is a great website and I highly recommend it. There is one correction I wish to point out. Under the heading Public Safety, Myth #3, please note that it was the Administration & Support, Community Services, and Fire Citizen Budget Committees that recommended the sales tax increase. Citizens who participated on the Police CBC did NOT recommend a sales tax increase.

However, once Abbott, Crozier, and Presmyk voted to send it to the ballot, both the Fire and Police UNIONS strongly advocated for Prop 406.

“Police, firefighter and EMS (emergency medical service) response times would grow longer, and the public would be placed at greater risk, police and fire union officials warn.”

They even teamed up with families and friends knocking on doors and handing out literature explaining “what’s in the balance.”

Gilbert Police Leadership Association president Jim Krauger stated, “We aren’t using this as scare tactics.”


Here’s the reference article: “May Vote Could Affect Public Safety, Gilbert Police, Fire Unions Warn.”