Zinke: What the AG’s Office did NOT Receive

Did you know that the Minutes of Executive Sessions attended by Council members relating to the Zinke Land Deal were NOT turned over to the Attorney General’s Office? In fact, they won’t be turned over unless, according to Town Clerk Cathy Templeton, “it becomes an open meeting law violation investigation.”

Did you know that the Minutes of Executive Sessions are protected by Arizona law? You should read Arizona Revised Statute 38-431.03. Executive Sessions.

The Statute allows the “public body” to hold an executive session for certain purposes.

Here is one of those purposes:

“7. Discussions or consultations with designated representatives of the public body in order to consider its position and instruct its representatives regarding negotiations for the purchase, sale or lease of real property.”

Based on this, is it even possible for the Attorney General to investigate whether or not the Council members knew the real value of the Zinke property?

Those Minutes would certainly contain vital pieces of information.

This is a criminal investigation. And yet, the Arizona Attorney General is not allowed to know what transpired behind closed doors unless there was “an open meeting law violation.”

So, who is “protected” by the law? Council members.

What about you? Wouldn’t you think that at some point, the people who picked up this multi-million dollar tab would have access to these Minutes?

Many of us will be dead and gone by the time the Zinke Land is paid off. And more of us by the time it is “developed” into parkland, a special events center, an activity center, and a field complex. Don’t forget the never-ending cost of ongoing maintenance.

Definition of E-Sessions: None of your business, just pay up Sucker!