Shane Stapley to Run for Gilbert School Board! Please Help Him Obtain Signatures!

(Submitted to Gilbert Watch by Shane Stapley)
It’s with a measure of apprehension and anxiety that I send this announcement. After considering the current circumstances and current candidates running for Gilbert School Board, I have decided to offer the public a choice at the ballot box in the 2010 general election. Until now, there were only 2 candidates running for 2 open positions. Provided I can obtain a sufficient quantity of qualified signatures, there will be three.
I offer the following general reasons as to why I am running for Gilbert School Board:
1. Fiscal responsibility and financial transparency. Prop 301 years ago indicated that more money would go to the classroom. A recent study by the Arizona Auditor General shows that less money is directed to the classroom now than before Prop 301. What happened? Now Prop 100 is due to deliver $1.8 Billion to education over the next 3 years. How will it be managed?
2. Education FIRST!!! A truly non-partisan issue is that of quality education. Quality education involves much more than the basic “3-R’s” of Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. Critical thinking, diversity of the arts in music, dance, theatre, and other elective courses that bring more opportunity for a fully developed educational experience for our youth is essential.
3. Parental input and partnering with the public to help drive educational focus is fundamental to a solid foundation of learning. Teach in the classroom at school what is to be reinforced and supported in the homes. “Whose children are these anyway if not our own?” Why wouldn’t we seek for parental input and involvement?
Over 400 signatures is needed to qualify for the ballot and I have been instructed that 600 is a much better target to ensure qualification. If you are willing to support me in this endeavor with your signature, or better yet, be willing to collect signatures as well, I would truly appreciate it. Time is short. August 4th is the deadline for turning in the signature sheets. Please contact me.
Shane Stapley
480.326.0590 Direct