John McCain Uses Tea Parties to Mislead the Public

John McCain issued a recent press release “Tea Party Leaders Endorse Senator John McCain for Re-Election!” When you read it, you get the impression that “thousands of TEA party members across the state” support John McCain. He misleads the unsuspecting reader into believing that he will be “partnering with tens of thousands of Tea Party activists across Arizona.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, most of those “thousands of Tea Party activists” are FED UP with John McCain.

The truth is Jennifer Campbell, a board member of the Yavapai Tea Party, offered John McCain her lone, rather lengthy “personal” endorsement. McCain’s misleading press release has made many Tea Partiers extremely angry and rightfully so. To clarify her position, Jennifer issued a letter to the Yavapai Tea Party members that “This is my personal choice, and I did not and do not speak for anyone other than myself. I did NOT speak on behalf of the Yavapai Tea Party.”

Really? Well, I guess the damage has been done, huh. (If you want to read the press release, you can find it on John McCain’s website.)

The TRUTH is that 16 TEA Party and Conservative groups across Arizona formed a coalition of support for JD HAYWORTH! An honest press release was issued on August 2 by Pam Stevenson, Arizona State Tea Party Coordinator stating, “Arizona Tea Party Groups Stand Together to Endorse JD Hayworth.”
These are truthful endorsements from Tea Party leaders, ON BEHALF of their members.

"We, as conservative leaders and individuals in Arizona, representing thousands of members in our groups, are looking forward to supporting Mr. Hayworth’s campaign in the general election," stated Annette McHugh, leader of the Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, AZ, and member of the Arizona Tea Party Network which has over 4,000 members across Arizona.

The coalition formed just over a week ago for the express purpose of endorsing Mr. Hayworth.

Here are the national and statewide Tea Party organizations that are endorsing Mr. Hayworth:

  1. Tax Day Tea Party/Patriot Caucus
  2. Tea Party Immigration Coalition (preferred candidate)
  3. AZ2010 Project
  4. Cactus Conservative Club
  5. Cave Creek Patriots
  6. Daisy Mountain Tea Party
  7. Douglas Tea Party
  8. East Valley Tea Party
  9. Mesa Red Mountain Tea Party (preferred candidate)
  10. Mohave County Tea Party Patriots
  11. Mountain View Tea Party
  12. Original North Phoenix Tea Party
  13. Prescott Tea Party
  14. Sun City West Tea Party
  15. Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, AZ
  16. Tea Party Patriots of Scottsdale

And that’s the real story!