Sign Republican Candidates’ Petitions Online, and Make a $5 Qualifying Contribution

As recently stated by Rep. Warren Petersen (LD12), "Technology has paved the way for you to get more involved in the democratic process.   The 2014 primaries are only 9 months away.  All of the statewide offices are up, and it is critical that we elect candidates that will preserve liberty (especially for Governor!).   Please take a minute to nominate those candidates you would like to see on the ballot for 2014.  Visit the Secretary of State’s Voter Authentication site  and fill in your information.  It will take you to a page where you can digitally sign petitions for statewide candidates."  You can also make a $5 Qualifying Contribution, if applicable.

Gilbert Watch strongly supports Senate President Andy Biggs, and Representatives Eddie Farnsworth and Warren Petersen in LD12. 

Gilbert Watch strongly supports Senator Chester Crandell, and Representatives Bob Thorpe and Brenda Barton in LD6. 

Every signature makes a difference, and anyone in your home that is registered to vote can do it.  The candidates can collect some digital signatures, and the remainder have to be on paper.  Be sure to make a $5 Qualifying Contribution for candidates who can accept them.

Be sure to vet candidates before supporting them.  Ask them for their ratings.  For example, here is some information on Rep. Warren Petersen (LD12).  I must warn you.  Warren Petersen has set the bar very high.  

Top scoring legislator in Arizona – Arizona Conservative Coalition

Free Market Champion – Arizona Free Enterprise Club

Hero of the Taxpayer – Americans for Prosperity

Ranked number one for Tax, Budget and regulatory issues and as a "top five scoring legislator" overall – The Goldwater Institute

Named one of the Top Regulatory Reformers -Arizona Rock Products Association

Legislator of the week – American’s for Prosperity

Recognized for "leadership to stand up for life, families, and religious freedom during the 2013 legislative session" – Center for Arizona Policy

Named "Friend of the Family" – The Arizona Family Project.