PARRAZ AND SNOW: Keep Your Leftist Paws Off My Senator!

It’s tough on my stomach to read the Randy Parraz and Chad Snow quotes in the Arizona Capitol Times article by Evan Wylodge (Nov. 20, 2011). Sorry that link won’t do you much good. You have to pay $139 per year to read their drivel.

Parraz and Snow position themselves as possessing a “civil tone,” desirous of “more moderate outcomes.” Like a parrot, whenever Snow introduces himself, he begins by stating that he is a “life-long Republican,” yet there is nothing “Republican” about him. His actions and words fly against every Republican tenet.

It goes downhill from there.

They targeted Sen. Russell Pearce for being “extreme” and “intolerant.” That is the way they brand every conservative elected official in Arizona.

They have now targeted Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senator Andy Biggs (my senator from Gilbert), and Frank Antenori, resorting to the hateful words they love to repeat: extreme, intolerant, racist, bigoted. Parraz & Co. are registering young Hispanic voters as fast as they can all across Arizona in an attempt to gain more Democrats in time for the next election.

Senator Pearce, Sheriff Arpaio, Senator Andy Biggs, and others are NOT extreme, intolerant, bigoted, or racist. They possess spine and stand against one word: ILLEGAL. They stand up for the rule of law and constitutional principles. They stand up for the safety of Arizona’s legal citizens.

These conservative leaders also see America heading relentlessly toward an economic cliff of disaster under the Leftist Democrat policies of Barack Obama and his supporters, including Randy Parraz. Parraz, unlike Snow, is at least honest that he’s a liberal Democrat.

If you want to see incivility, racism, and bigotry, take a look at the many radical Leftist groups that dominate Parraz & Co.

Gilbert Watch has published numerous articles and videos about the truth about Parraz & Co. And now a new conservative blogger, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Super Heroes Intent on Exposing Liberal Democrats) has taken center stage providing much more.

Did you know about Randy Parraz’s support of “Ethnic Studies” in Tucson?

Anyone who is against it is (naturally) being branded as extreme, intolerant, racist bigots. Salomon Baldenegro, Retired Assistant Dean of Students & Instructor at the University of Arizona wrote an article titled “Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Fight is Simply About Hate.”

States Baldenegro: “In terms of attitude of the Tea Party Republicans who are in control of Arizona government toward people of Mexican descent, Arizona today is for our community what Mississippi was for African Americans in the 1960s. (Now we know it was the Liberal educators who fed Senator-Elect Jerry Lewis his infamous quote: "We are seen as something akin to 1964 Alabama.")

“Educator” Baldenegro goes on: “These people hate us. They hate who we are. They hate our history. They hate that we even exist. They hate us so much they have codified their hate into law by passing abominations such as SB1070 and HB2281.”

I have this to say to Baldenegro: YOU LIE!

Conservative Republicans across America embrace the diverse heritage of our LEGAL citizens. We hate ILLEGAL activity. Radical Leftists seem to have an aversion to using that word "Illegal."

Who hates whom? You be the judge.

What you will see in the video below took place at the 5/10/2011 TUSD governing board meeting. This is what is being taught in “Ethnic Studies” in grades 3-12 in the Tucson Unified Public Schools.

A parent reads passages directly from a textbook which is used in several ethnic studies classes. It is so full of profanity that a school board member tells her to refrain, “because children are present.” The audience yells, “This is what is being taught in your schools”!!

Below that video you will see some civil tone from those who support Ethnic Studies in Tucson at an earlier meeting of the TUSD governing board on 4/26/2011. Notice the gray-haired lady who eggs on the students. That’s Isabel Garcia, taxpayer-paid Pima County Public Defender. It’s too bad this woman is too cowardly to fight against the real oppressors: The Mexican Government. You’ll find more on her here: American Patrol.

And finally, there is a direct connection between Randy Parraz and Chad Snow to those who support the most Radical Leftist cause in Arizona: The Mexican takeover of the Southwest. (“We didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us!”) I posted a youtube video some time back titled AZTLAN. Please view that video.

See the photo of Parraz and Snow with Salvador Reza (AZTLAN), when they invaded the Arizona Corporation Commission on 5/12/2011.

Most recently, Parraz and Reza were at a NACCS (National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies) conference at ASU on 11/20/2011. See S.H.I.E.L.D. One of the comments under the picture of Randy and Sal Reza is a guy who obviously knew Randy at UC Berkeley. He said, "Great times en lucha studies, studies en lucha. I was happy and PROUD to see my MEChA/Berkeley homie, Randy Parraz who, by the way, performed in the 3rd ever Chicano Secret Service skit (’88 raza day at UCB)/.” (En la lucha means “in the fight”) Here’s information about M.E.Ch.A (Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan).

Read how Parraz joined together with Isabel Garcia, Salvador Reza, Raquel Teran, ACORN’s Monica Sandschafer, and other radical extremists to march against Sheriff Joe Arpaio back in May 2009.
Zack de la Rocha Leads a March of Thousands to Joe Arpaio’s Jails, Neo-Nazis and Nativists Back Arpaio.

Baldenegro is correct. The fight is about hate. But it isn’t conservative Republicans who are filled with it.