Victor Petersen: Principled Conservative Leadership

This week, Gilbert Watch is featuring Victor Petersen! Are you a Gilbert resident who cherishes the Constitution as much as Victor? Please contact Mickie Niland at for how to help Victor get elected to the Gilbert Town Council.

You can usually judge a person’s character by the company he keeps. One look at the Constitutional conservative friends of Victor Petersen should tell you a lot about him: Arizona State Senator Andy Biggs, Arizona State Representative Eddie Farnsworth, former Arizona State Senator Thayer Verschoor, Jared Taylor, Jeff Smith, Bill Norton, Dave Rich, Lina Hatch, Mickie Niland. The list is much longer than these few names.

In the two short years that I have known Victor and worked with him, I can assure you that you need not worry that Victor will “drift” from his constitutional conservative convictions. He is the rock that keeps others from drifting. What is remarkable about Victor is that he is not rigid. He is not difficult. He is continually open and thoughtful in working with others to find solutions to complex problems.

There are two types of Council Members on the Gilbert Town Council today. One looks at Town services from the perspective of the freedom loving private sector taxpayer. That Council Member wants a safe, clean, vibrant community without unnecessarily raising taxes or adding new taxes. The other looks at Town services from the perspective of the Town’s government. That person believes that it is Town government that provides you with your quality of life. Mayor John Lewis and Councilmember Jenn Daniels fall into the first category. All the others are in the second.

Victor was proactive in the fight against a sales tax increase in Gilbert called Prop 406. It was Victor who discovered that for the last 12 years, Gilbert budget planners have forecasted large multi-million dollar deficits. And yet, the Town ended either with a surplus or very small deficit each year.

Victor is a business man who has lived and breathed competitive business his whole life, and he wants the phrase “open to business” to be more than a platitude. He wants to transform it into reality by removing unnecessary regulations and obstacles that stand in the way of business start-ups and expansion.

Victor’s professional skills and experience are in budgets, technology, and systems efficiency. He has personally written software programs and instituted processes in his own company that have reduced operating costs, improved output, and improved quality.

He and his family love Gilbert and, like all of us, he enjoys the parks, open spaces, and beauty and won’t squander tax dollars needlessly by overpaying millions of dollars to maintain them.