Stop the Coup to Unseat Senate President Andy Biggs!

Rumors have been flying around the State capitol that the Democrats are planning to unseat Senator Andy Biggs as Senate President or to roll him on the Medicaid expansion or both.  All they need is 4 Republican Senators to go along with them.  There are 12 Democrat senators.  The number needed to unseat Senator Biggs is 16.  (See The ObamaCare Girls:  Brewer and Pelosi)

What do they have against Senate President Andy Biggs?  Senator Biggs has and will continue to fight AGAINST the Medicaid expansion.  It was Senate President Andy Biggs who authored this statement against the Medicaid expansion: President of the Arizona Senate, Andy Biggs, Responds to Mike Broomhead.

 It was Senate President Andy Biggs who spoke against the Medicaid expansion at this anti-Medicaid expansion Rally on April 25

 Polls indicate that 70% of Republicans in Arizona do Not want the expansion. 

 Our Republican Governor Brewer is determined to force the Medicaid expansion on the people of Arizona, and she is willing to join with the Democrats and the disgruntled Republican Senators if that’s what it takes.   

 If Brewer gets her way, this could destroy the Republican party in Arizona.  Not to mention, our state financially.  (Texas Governor Rick Perry recently stated, ““They will come to rue the day because Medicaid will take a larger and larger share of their state budgets.” )

The Infamous Four

Can we guess who those 4 Republican senators might be?  Well, based on past behavior, recent blast emails, and news articles, it doesn’t take much “guessing.”   

Two leading the charge are likely Senator Steve Pierce and Rich Crandall.  Bob Worsley would possibly go along with Pierce, Crandall, and the Democrats.  Another name that’s come up is Senator John “I love lobbyist money” McComish, according to a May 1 article that appeared in Sonoran Alliance “Update on ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion in Arizona.”   Here’s an interesting quote from this article:

"Democrats are getting very irritated with an effort to amend any legislation to prohibit our tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood. (We all know that giving money to Planned Parenthood is an accounting game that allows them to free up other funds for abortions.) Democrats want the Medicaid bill to remain silent on tax dollars to abortion providers because they know Planned Parenthood would be feasting off the same steady stream of tax dollars “returning” from the federal government."

The Steve Pierce Controversy 

Remember the controversy that involved Steve Pierce and the misuse of the Republican Victory Fund when it was spent on Rich Crandall in a Primary against John Fillmore?  (Arizona Republican Leaders in the Legislature Betray Conservatives!!)

Get Rich Crandall Elected, No Matter what! 

Rich Crandall is a lame duck, resigning and leaving the state after this session.  (He knew, even when he ran against Fillmore that he wasn’t sticking around.  He had filed for divorce Oct. 17, 2012.  See case #FC2012-095160.  Judge Teresa Sanders.)  Mission accomplished, eh Rich?

Andy Biggs Holds Tough, and the Moderates Hate Him

Senator Biggs has said that he will NOT allow a Medicaid expansion bill to originate in the Senate.  However,  if the Dems and 4 Republicans could get 16 votes, they can vote to suspend the rules, and vote it out, thus rolling the Senate President. 

 So far, there is no such Bill.  But one could be produced any day.

Jan Brewer is no Rick Perry…not even close

Governor Brewer has a copy of the budget on her desk that was written jointly by the Senate and House.  It is a balanced budget.  Me thinks she will hold it through eternity, because it doesn’t have the Medicaid expansion in it.

If we had a Republican governor like Rick Perry of Texas, who said No to Obama and No to the expansion, the Senate/House budget would have been voted on, passed out, and signed by the governor long ago. 

Our legislature could have met sine die by the 100 day mark.  However, they are all still in session, because Brewer wants this expansion so badly that she is willing to punish the entire state! 


Please CALL and EMAIL Governor Brewer.  (“Someone” seems to be keeping her in a bubble of disinformation.)  Also, please send every Republican Senator an email stating that you will not stand for this!  Every Republican Senator needs to know that the people of Arizona do NOT want Medicaid expanded.  Please tell them to Stand up for the people of Arizona and for Senate President Andy Biggs.  If your Senator already opposes the Medicaid expansion and supports Senator Biggs, ask him/her to convince others to do the same!

Gov. Brewer  602-542-4331  

LD1 – Steve Pierce                                                   602-926-5584

LD5 – Kelli Ward                                                      602-926-4138

LD6 – Chester Crandell                                        602-926-5409

LD11 – Al Melvin                                                  602-926-4326

LD12 – Andy Biggs                                                   602-926-4371 (a simple “thank you”)

LD13 – Don Shooter                                             602-926-4139

LD14 –  Gail Griffin                                                602-926-5895

LD15 – Nancy Barto                                                 602-926-5766 

LD16 – Rich Crandall                                            602- 926-3020

LD17 – Steve Yarbrough                                   602-926-5863

LD18 – McComish – Majority Leader                  602-926-5898

LD20 – Kimberly Yee                                                 602-926-3024

LD21 – Rick Murphy                                            602-926-4444

LD22 – Judy Burges                                                 602-926-5861

LD23 – Michele Reagan                                         602-926-5828 

LD 25 – Bob Worsley                                            602-926-5760

LD28 – Adam Driggs – Majority Whip                      602-926-3016