Stop the National Popular Vote Compact in Arizona

"Democracy" has a nice ring to it: One Person, One Vote.  However, that’s exactly what the Founders did not want: Majority (aka Mob) Rule. When Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,  "A Republic, if you can keep it."  Ours is a Constitutional Republic, but only if we, the people, care enough to participate in keeping it.  

Our presidents are chosen through a combination of a popular vote and the Electoral College that represents the states.  Each state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for Senators.  This keeps a handful of the most populous states from dominating all the other states.  For example, Donald Trump won the popular vote in Arizona.  Thus, the Republican party’s 11 Electors will vote for president.  Had Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Arizona’s 11 Democrat Electors would be voting for president. (In contrast, California has 55 Electors.) See below for two short videos:  Do you Understand the Electoral College? and The Popular Vote vs the Electoral College.

Unfortunately, there is a movement across America that is gaining traction called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  It would distort the procedures of the Electoral College.  It would usher in the very "democracy" that the Founders did not want.  It is unconstitutional.  

Jim O’Connor, who is running for chairman of the AZGOP, became alarmed when, during Arizona’s last legislative session, Republican Rep. J. D. Mesnard (LD17) introduced HB2456 National Popular Vote; Interstate Agreement.  Incredibly, the bill passed the House 40-16, with 20 of 22 Democrats and 20 of 34 Republicans voting in favor.  Senate President Andy Biggs, recently elected to the U.S. Congress representing CD5 , refused to give it a hearing.  Otherwise, it might have passed. 

Mr. O’Connor, along with Precinct Committeemen Michael Loverine and Bob Hathorn from LD 23, who are fighting to defend our Republic, put together a power point presentation titled The Argument Against the National Popular Vote Compact.    

Within the pages of this document, you will see that ten states and the District of Columbia, all heavily Democratic, have passed the NPV.  George Soros funds passage of the NPV through DEMOS, Fair Vote, Common Cause, and others.  

As noted by Jim O’Connor, "Only Arizona has the dubious distinction of having this legislation introduced by a Republican"!  

According to a recent article by Howard Fischer, newly elected Speaker of the House J. D. Mesnard has not abandoned the idea.  See Incoming House Speaker wants Arizona to adopt National Popular Vote protocol.  

So, how is it that our own Republicans, many of whom are conservatives, were convinced to support this movement?  

Arizona Republican legislators, as well as some influential activists, were invited to a seminar where they were wined and dined and put up in some very nice hotels in Sedona, Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Tucson, etc.  One seminar site was on a Caribbean Island.  They were given an 1,100 page book to review titled "Every Vote Equal," which provides very convincing arguments. All of this was compliments of trusted political consultant, Constantin Querard.   

Jim O’Connor urgently suggests that you "call or visit your state senator and representative to ask them if they are planning to support, sponsor, or vote in favor of any bill dropped in our state legislature furthering the National Popular Vote Compact. Inform them of your displeasure with their decision only if they say yes they do plan to support it."  Contact your AZ House rep here.  Contact your AZ Senate rep here.  (Members-Elect take office on Monday, January 9, 2017.)

Here’s a question:  In order to "understand" the proposed legislation, is it necessary to attend a seminar and read 1,100 pages of arguments and testimonials supporting this bad idea?  How about simply reading the bill?  

If you are a State Committeeman, remember that on January 28, you can vote!  Please vote Yes to the Resolution Opposing National Popular Vote Compact.    

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