County and State Party Candidates Should Not Seek Endorsements from Politicians

by Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Tyler Bowyer

Many have seen in recent weeks a few endorsements from Public Office Holders of Candidates for those who wish to serve in County and State Party positions. I want to make a statement and say this is absolutely wrong. One of the primary reasons that the Republican Party exists is to hold Elected Officials accountable. Having our Party Officeholders beholden to Elected Officials through endorsements and donations is precisely what’s wrong with the GOP today. It should raise many red flags of Party Candidates who seek these endorsements as it is akin to the adage of the "Fox in the Henhouse." This is terrible judgment both on the part of the candidate and the elected official.

As PCs (Precinct Committeemen), we should encourage those seeking leadership positions in the GOP to stop putting themselves in positions of weakness by groveling for endorsements at the feet of political consultants and those who have been elected to serve us and our Party’s interests.

In this anti-establishment wave, we should have much hope and effort to end this type of insider-politics which has resulted in feeble representation across all levels of government. We need real Conservative Leaders who will stand up to the consulting class, insider swamp politicians and encourage good governance from our GOP elected representatives. I am fearful that folks do not do their own homework on Candidates because an individual elected into office endorsed them. Please do not simply rely on others — as a PC and/or State Committeeman, take the time to individually vet candidates for Party office and ask those who have seen them in action prior to voting.  Ask them the tough questions and hold them accountable. Our nation depends on it!

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