Surrender: Obrewercare and the Brewercrats

Submitted by the Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government

The people have spoken.  We worked to elect Republicans.  We walked – we sent money – we called – we worked.

We passed resolutions opposing Obrewercare.  

Please call the following Brewercrats and ask them if the resolutions mean anything to them and to come back to the Republican party.  Some of them think we did not understand the issues concerning Obrewercare!

 Please explain this issue to them:  They are joining 100% of the Democrat caucus and voting FOR Obrewercare.

Let this be clear: Goveror Brewer and a million-dollar-highly-paid-political consultant are running “Restoring Arizona” and the mission is to implement Obamacare in Arizona.  The Republicans are the majority in Arizona with 53 elected Republicans but these 16 Republicans are crossing over and voting against their own party.  The PC’s are the party not Governor Brewer. They want us to believe that they have some knowledge or information that the rest of the Republicans, 25 legislators and 12 senators, just do not understand.

FOR Obrewercare

  •          100% of the Democrat caucus supports Obrewercare
  •          1 highly-paid political consultant supports Obrewercare
  •          Governor Brewer supports Obrewercare
  •          Corporate Healthcare Brewer supports Obrewercare



LD18  McComish – Majority Leader                 926-5898

LD18  Adam Driggs – Majority Whip                      926-3016

LD16  Rich Crandall                                            926-3020



LD18 Jeff Dial                                    602-926-5550

LD18 Bob Robson                     602-926-5549

LD9 Ethan Orr                                    602-926-3235

LD17 JD Mesnard                     602-926-4481

LD1 Karen Fann                               602-926-5874

LD8 Frank Pratt                                 602-926-5761

LD17 Thomas Forese                    602-926-5168


Appeared with  Brewer

LD16 Doug Coleman                  602-926-3160

LD15 Heather Carter                     602-926-5503

LD28 Kate Brophy-McGeek         602-926-4486

LD20 Paul Boyer                            602-926-4173

LD1 Steve Pierce                            602-926-5584

LD25 Bob Worsley                       602-926-5760


Against Obrewercare:

  •          90% of elected Precinct Committeemen oppose OBrewerCare.
  •          16 LD’s that have issued resolutions opposing OBrewerCare: 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25
  •          3 Counties that have issued resolutions opposing OBrewerCare: Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal.
  •          67% of Arizona Voters voted for Prop 106, which opposes Obamacare.
  •          25 Republican legislators have said they will not support Obrewercare
  •          12 Republican Senators have said they will not support Obrewercare


    Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government