Susan Hicks Reports: Gilbert School Board Updates

Hello Gilbert Neighbors,

Periodically I will be sending updates on what is happening in the Gilbert School District and some information on the two candidates that I am supporting. There are two candidates that I feel will pursue excellence in accountability, transparency, and integrity in our school district. These two candidates will help to best fund the classroom and provide the best pay for our teachers and staff. 

Gilbert Public School Board Candidates

I am featuring Dawn Brimhall for Gilbert Public School Board in this update. Ron Bellus is the second candidate I am supporting. I hope this will be a way for you to get to know two awesome candidates!

Dawn Brimhall states:

"Gilbert Public Schools is an amazing district. We have incredible teachers, engaged parents, and students that want to learn. Our boundaries include the city of Mesa, about half the Town of Gilbert, and just the slightest segment of Chandler, giving GPS unique challenges in transportation, placement of school buildings, and individual school boundaries. We have older, established neighborhoods, and areas where growth is occurring. We have both young families and retirement communities in our boundaries, as well as every type of family in between.

"There are, however, places that GPS could run more efficiently. One such place is the individual school boundaries. The surplus space committee suggested, and all Jr. High school principals agreed, the boundaries need to be realigned. This could have a 3-fold effect: more equitable class sizes district-wide, a better ability to handle current and future growth in the district, and new boundaries could make transportation even more efficient. I am ready to do the work necessary to find the best solution."

What is happening behind the scenes in the Gilbert School District?  

According to Westie Connect:

"We had recently learned about GPS GOBs (Good Old Boys) using the vendor system to skirt the law and district policy, which gives us a whole lot of dots to connect in regard to the 2014 Great Giveaway of $35,000.00 of taxpayer money. Just last spring, some of the GOBs in the Great White Temple of Doom wanted to support some kind of student activity that would require hiring lifeguards. Their first instinct was to dip into petty cash funds at the schools involved to pay said lifeguards. Petty cash funds are not allowed in GPS, but that technicality only slowed down this process. Some sharp-eyed person in Business Services put the kibosh on the vendor plan. Arizona has strict conflict of interest laws governing government employees as well as elected officials.

"If you want to give the GOBs another get out of jail free pass (Hey Jill, Hi Lily) because "we all make mistakes," the Attorney General and lots of judges will jump on you like a duck on a June bug: "Arizona’s conflict of interest laws serve to prevent self dealing by public officials. Should a public officer or employee wish to supply goods or services to his or her agency, the contract must be awarded pursuant to public competitive bidding. A.R.S. § 38-503(C) requires school districts to follow public competitive bidding procedures for all procurements between school districts and their employees, however, regardless of the dollar amount involved and regardless of the source of the funds. Arizona’s conflict of interest statutes are broadly construed in favor of the public, and the Legislature has provided substantial civil and criminal penalties for failure to comply with the statutory mandates." This might become something big"!


Susan Hicks

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