The Arizona Republican Party Platform that our Republican leaders Have Never Read

There are two issues of critical importance to all law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens–ObamaCare (and one of its cornerstones: Medicaid Expansion) and "Immigration" (aka Amnesty) Reform.   How have our elected representatives voted on these issues? According to Republican Party principles and the Party Platform?  Or something else?  

Here is the Arizona Republican Party Platform, as found on the AZGOP Homepage.  To many Republicans, it’s a collection of quaint, outdated meaningless trash.  I suppose they won’t change any of it to suit their actual voting record, because if they did, they would see a massive exodus from the Republican party.   

In fact, anyone who stands up for the Platform is, according to the Leftsts and Ruling Class Republicans, a "wacko bird, extremist, racist, hard right Tea-bagger."