The Russell Pearce Show Tonight: Boycott Phoenix New Times

Please join Russell Pearce, president of Ban Amnesty Now, tonight at 7 pm in a discussion of the Boycott of Phoenix New Times advertisers. See below for details. Russell will also be joined by RidersUSA promoting vets and Memorial Day.

The show starts at 7 pm tonight. Go to and click on KFNX News Talk Radio 1100AM.

Please call in to (602) 253-9616. Second line: (602) 254-2535 (if the first number is busy).


The Conservative Leadership Coalition and, with more than 450,000 members in Arizona and 800,000 members across the nation, call on businesses to stop supporting the Phoenix New Times / Village Voice Media.

The Phoenix New Times, one of a number of papers published by Phoenix, AZ-based Village Voice Media, is a free publication. They are 100% reliant on advertising revenue to exist.

However, despite this reliance on advertising revenue, the New Times and Village Voice Media continue to run aggressive anti-Arizona political and editorial campaigns against Arizona interests, against Arizona law enforcement, against Arizona elected officials, against Arizona businesses, against Arizona jobs/workers, and for illegal immigration, illegal aliens, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

The attacks by the New Times and Village Voice Media against people who dare oppose their radical agenda are among the most offensive anywhere in print. They routinely call individuals, groups, and elected officials “racist” and worse, and use personal, derogatory, smear campaigns to malign those with whom they disagree.

These attacks are funded 100% by advertisers (car dealers, entertainment venues, restaurants and the like), who support the New Times agenda by subsidizing their hate-campaigns.


According to recent media reports, both here in Arizona and nationally, the New Times and Village Voice Media…

• Account for 70% of printed prostitution advertising in the United States;

• Have been linked to 50 arrests in 22 states for cases involving child sex trafficking which originated on their pages;

• Have been asked by 48+ state law enforcement officers to take down these dangerous ads, and were “mocked” in response;

• Profit $22 MILLION annually from their so-called “BackPage” sex classifieds, including those linked by law enforcement to the forced sexual trafficking of minors.


Responsible Arizona businesses should not advertise alongside prostitutes and child sex traffickers. Moreover, they should take a proactive stand against such practices and stop spending money with the Phoenix New Times / Village Voice Media until such time as their dangerous political ideologies and filthy sex advertising practices change.

Businesses that continue to advertise will face boycotts alongside the Phoenix New Times by the 450,000+ member/supporters of the Conservative Leadership Coalition and, as well as our coalition friends across the state. We encourage all businesses to stand up for children, decency and a better Arizona today.

If the Phoenix New Times / Village Voice won’t change their practices, perhaps they shouldn’t be doing business in Arizona any longer.

For more information, please contact us at 480-366-5975 or visit us online at