Record Shattering Spring Cold! Blame it on the progressives

To all the progressives out there who, through your example, have become organic gardeners and nut and berry gatherers—thus reducing your carbon footprint–your efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses are paying off! 

Just look around.  Record cold temperatures!  Stubborn ice and snow in May!  In Venice, Berlin, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Slovenia, Pamplona, the Black Sea, Arkansas, eastern Rockies, Dakotas, Minnesota, Arkansas, Anchorage, and today (May 25, 2013) the entire United States of America. 

I know.  It’s hard on you, trying to grow backyard veggies for your family in sub-freezing temperatures, but look at the bright side.  The planet appreciates all that you are doing to save it.     

Winter–Maybe Even Snow–to return for Memorial Day Weekend

European Cold Snap Freezes Venice, Berlin, and Other Destinations.

Record-Shattering Cold and Snow Stun Rockies, North Central U.S.

Shocking cold and snow in central U.S., first May snow on Record in Arkansas   

Anchorage Sets new Record for Longest Snow Season