Three Great Blogs to Read to Stay Informed in Arizona!

If you get your "news" from the local newspapers and television stations, you’ll be drinking the Leftist kool-aid in no time.  Please limit your exposure to these toxic entities.  Now and then, to prove their "impartiality," the Arizona Republic and East Valley Tribune will allow a token conservative viewpoint to appear in print.  That’s bait for the Leftist sharks who have tasted blood.  They shred the conservative view for all to see. 

There are many other alternatives, if you know where to look, beginning with Talk Radio, and including some good nationwide blogs such as Breitbart, S.H.I.E.L.D., Gilbert Watch, and many others.  I would like to introduce you to three more excellent and informative websites and blogs:

  1. Arizonans Against Common Core.  This new site provides you with the Truth about Common Core, who is behind it, pending legislation, news articles, videos, and just about everything you should know about Common Core that will make you want to stop it in its tracks in Arizona!!!
  2. AZ Conservative Coalition.   Formerly the PAChyderm Coalition, this site was founded by Phil Mason.  It rates Arizona Republican Legislators based on Republican Party Platform principles espoused by President Ronald Reagan.  Check the site often, because it’s early in the legislative session.  Once voting begins, you may see some different names in the top 5.  

    Currently, the top 5 Senators include:  Senate President Andy Biggs (LD12), Rick Murphy (LD21), Gail Griffin (LD14), Judy Burges (LD22), and Kimberly Yee (LD20). 

    The top 5 Representatives include:  Carl Seel (LD20), Steve Smith (LD11), Steve Montenegro (LD13), Warren Petersen (LD12), and Adam Kwasman (LD11). 

    (Be sure to check the "Republican" legislators who drag BOTTOM, so you know who to vote out of office in 2014.)

  3. Atridim News Journal.   This local Gilbert blogger, Captain Rick, provides conservative commentary on national issues, but of special interest to Gilbert citizens is his Gilbert Council Scorecard.  He is an excellent writer who carefully applies Constitutional principles to Council decisions.   “In mid 2011, I began my PROPER VOTE Scorecard to keep track of how Gilbert council members voted on controversial issues. I consider a PROPER VOTE to be one that is truly in the best interest of Gilbert citizens … one that is fiscally responsible and free of politics and private agendas.  In September 2012 I began reporting on each PROPER VOTE in separate blog entries. Many contain dialog with council members to gain their perspective to enhance citizen understanding.” 

    There is much more to this site, including some exquisite photography!