Voting – Heads or Tails?

If you haven’t been introduced to, I urge you to get acquainted.  This blog is published and thoughtfully written by concerned citizen and constitutional conservative Travis Dutson.  He unapologetically states, "Yes, I’m opinionated."  Please take advantage of his carefully studied, respectful opinions.  In his most recent post titled Voting – Heads or Tails, Mr. Dutson provides insight into why he has chosen to support certain candidates, including those running for U.S. Senate, Congressional CD5, LD12 Arizona Senate and House, and Gilbert Town Council.

We enjoy our liberties because of people like Travis Dutson who fights to protect them!  As you read his article, be sure to click on the link and read the Comments, which are equally enlightening.  Enjoy!

 Voting – Heads or Tails (reprinted with permission) 

Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we could see all candidates for who they truly are?  Better yet, perhaps we could see a sign that tells us the percentage of times they agree with us on political issues?  Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if the Lord will tell us where our own views are wrong and where they are correct…. as well all have those. But until the magical day, we have to rely on our own homework, our own study, and our own prayer.

I believe all that know me, know that I am politically active and a bit opinionated.  I try very hard to be fair and level headed and believe I generally succeed at being fair, but on occasion the level headed part can be questionable.   [??]

I wanted to share some of my feelings regarding our local primary election that starts today for mail in ballots and will be finalized on Tuesday, August 30th.

U.S Senate:  Kelli Ward

This one is pretty easy for me.  While I appreciate McCain’s longtime service, his voting record leaves me wondering why he finds it so easy to spend other people’s money.  I find myself disagreeing with him more than agreeing with him.  The Republican Primary has four people running – John McCain, Alex Melusky, Clair Van Steenwyk and Kelli Ward.  McCain has to go.  Melusky just dropped out of the race and as much as I like some of Steenwyk’s limited government views, he makes me look normal (which is not easily accomplished…  [??]   That leaves Kelli Ward, which is great, because that is who I preferred from the start.  Ward has served in the AZ Senate for 4 years representing the Kingman / Lake Havasu area; and has a very good voting record (in my opinion).

U.S. Congressional District 5:  Andy Biggs

This one is a bit tougher, but in the end still an easy decision for me. Candidates include Andy Biggs, Christine Jones, Justin Olson and Don Stapley.  Andy Biggs has been my favorite legislator for a number of years.  I have followed his voting record in the AZ Senate and agree with him nearly all the time (which is saying something for a politician).  Andy is extremely personable and very fair.  He respects the opinions of others and is always willing to let others share their thoughts and opinions.  He is firm on his beliefs.  Christine Jones is the last person that would get my vote.  She believes in government being involved in much more than I feel it should.  While I have many reasons to support “anyone but Christine”, a bonus reason is that she does not even live in our own Congressional District 5.  Why isn’t she running against Kyrsten Sinema?  Why is she running against in a district that she does not live in, and running against conservatives?  Does she agree with the governing principles of Sinema more than those living and running from District 5?  Don Stapley seems like a nice man.  He was involved in things politically a few years ago that I am still trying to sort out.  His support is relatively low.   Justin Olson has been a pretty good conservative voice in the AZ Legislature and I agree with him often.  Olson would have my support if he was running in a different race.  Current Congressman Matt Salmon has endorsed Biggs, and personally asked him to consider running.  This is shaping up to be an Andy Biggs vs Christine Jones race, and Biggs is the one I want in Washington DC.  He is very limited government, and that is exactly what we need in DC.

AZ LD12 Senate:  Warren Petersen

This one too is very easy for me.  Warren Petersen has an absolute stellar voting record.  Not only is his voting record nearly flawless, but he has sponsored a number of bills reducing needless and burdensome regulations on small business.  He truly has been a champion for we the people of LD12.  I have gotten to know Warren personally and consider him a friend.  I have a number of friends that know Jimmy Lindblom personally and know him to be a great man.  I am sure Lindblom is a great man, and he may even be a good state congressman.  But why on earth is he running against one of the most conservative legislators in the state?  Petersen has served four years and is proven and solid.  The Senate is losing an incredible conservative voice in Biggs, and the Senate cannot afford to not have at least one truly conservative voice to help add some balance to that chamber.  Please join me in supporting Warren Petersen.

AZ LD12 House:  Eddie Farnsworth and Travis Grantham

Eddie Farnsworth has proven to be a voice of fiscal sanity in a politically chaotic world.  With the vacating Warren Petersen in the House, it becomes even more important to maintain Farnsworth.  The other two running are Travis Grantham and LaCinda Lewis, both are newcomers, but both have been active behind the scenes for a number of years.  Both are good Christian people that have conservative opinions.  Lewis leans more towards bigger government and more spending while Grantham leans more towards less spending and more power and responsibility to the people.  Farnsworth is a must vote, and then please consider voting Grantham as well.

Our state finances were in shambles just a few short years ago.  We have been led by big government republicans that were more than willing to spend money and borrow if need be.  Well, the economy took a big hit, and the state could not afford to come close to meeting their obligations.  Our state leadership then started borrowing money, selling off state properties (including the state capitol building and then renting it back), and increasing taxes.  The last couple of years with the excellent leadership of Biggs, Farnsworth and Petersen, we have cut spending and not only balanced the budget but actually built up a cash reserve.  While the economy has gotten better, it is not good; and we cannot afford to fill our legislature with people that want to increase spending in so many areas.  We must continue the march towards getting out of debt and self reliance.  We cannot continue adding programs simply because the federal government agrees to pay for some of it.  That “free money” comes with strings and a major loss of control.  In addition to that, those funds can stop at anytime after the agreed upon infusion of cash.  What happens when the federal funds (really ours) dries up and stops coming?  How do we go back and stop benefits and programs the people have become dependent upon?

Gilbert Town Council:  Jared Taylor

We get to choose two in this race.  Jared Taylor is an incumbent and has been a very respected voice on the council.  He has stood for families, education and for limited spending.  Even those that vote differently than Taylor enjoy him on the counsel and appreciate his views, and find his counsel a good mix of fiscal conservatism and meeting the needs of a growing community.  I believe there are 7 or 8 people running for these two seats.  Other candidates are Jim Torgeson, Tim Rinesmith, Bob Ferron, Seth Banda, Scott Anderson and Joel Anderson.  I have talked with all of those at least a little bit with the exception of Rinesmith.  They all bring different talents and abilities to the table.  I have narrowed my other choice to Torgeson or Banda, but still have not made my final decision, but Jared Taylor is a must!

I wish you well as you contemplate who to vote for.  These are tough decisions, but are also important decisions.  I am a big believer in preparedness and self-reliance, as well as meeting the needs and wants of community, state and nation.  My goal is to find those individuals that will seek a good mix of working towards being self-reliant and helping constituents improve their community, state and nation.  I believe I have found those type people.  Good luck with voting!

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