Warren Petersen 2016 – Family, Freedom, Economy, Prosperity


Below are a few bills that Rep. Petersen introduced or sponsored that were signed into law:

HB2608:  Eliminates pensions for politicians.  "I was appalled with the ridiculous pensions that were provided to our elected officials.  Now in the state of Arizona politicians will have the same retirement options as the private sector," stated Rep. Petersen.

HB2147: Reduces unemployment fraud.  For about a decade Arizona has consistently ranked as one of the worst states at paying erroneous unemployment benefits.  This bill was hailed by businesses and by two major papers as a bill that will make a major impact in Arizona.

HB2074: Reduces red tape on foster parents and children.  This bill increases license validity from 1 to 2 years and allows siblings to stay together when making placements.  

HB2526: Ensures that small business owners have a seat at the table when new regulations are being contemplated by state agencies.

See also Vote Smart and Ballotpedia for more information on Rep. Petersen’s excellent ratings and votes in support of Family, Education, Liberty, the Economy, and Prosperity.