We are Forever Grateful to Donald Trump!

(The following article was sent to me anonymously.  It’s a timely, accurate, and thoughtful essay that needs to be read by every American.)

We are Forever Grateful to Donald Trump!

Donald Trump accurately perceived the downward slope the country was on and decided to do something about it, hoping to extend to others the wonderful opportunities for success this country had afforded him. With very little to gain personally, he willingly gave up the lifestyle of a billionaire to help “right the ship of state” before this opportunity completely slipped away under Democratic rule. Fully aware of the risks involved, he took on the political establishment of both parties; and, as a vulnerable political “outsider” without widespread support in the cesspool called Washington, D.C., he subjected himself and his family to unprecedented personal abuse that continues to this day. 

Regardless of the outcome of the current hysteria and the orchestrated “witch-hunt” being conducted by the so-called mainstream media and the Democrats, those of us who supported Donald Trump for president can hold our heads high. We are forever grateful to him for many reasons. Here’s a small sampling:

Trump Prevented Hillary Clinton From Entering the White House

Incurring a debt which can never be fully repaid, Donald Trump prevented the criminal, money-grubbing Hillary Clinton and her pervert husband from returning to the White House; while simultaneously exposing the complete and utter corruption of their political cronies, the DNC, and the “pay for play” Clinton Foundation. To accomplish this, he had to take on the mainstream media – universally in the hip pocket of the Clintons and the Democrats. He was the only candidate among the 17 Republicans running for office willing to do this, and he succeeded. For this accomplishment alone, we will never regret voting for him.

Whenever some weak-kneed Republican asks you if you still support Donald Trump, you can hold your head high and simply reply: “I sure do – he prevented crooked Hillary Clinton from being elected, didn’t he? That alone was worth it to me.”

Trump Exposed the Democratic Party

He exposed the contempt the Democratic Party and their fascistic off-shoots — the “Loony Left,” academia, the Hollywood airhead, etc. — have for Middle America, for freedom of speech, for the rule of law, and for many other principles sacred to a Republic. We’ve suspected for many years that the Democrats would say or do anything to retain or regain political power. Now there’s no doubt about it. This revelation has filtered down to even the most novice political observer. As painful as this appears to us now, we can hope that over the long run, this exposure will prove to be beneficial to the country.

Trump Exposed Media Bias and “Fake News”

He exposed the extreme liberal bias, hypocrisy, and double standards of the so-called mainstream media, as they willingly spew forth with impunity any “fake news,” no matter how ridiculous, if it’s deemed detrimental to Donald Trump. Their feeble and transparent efforts of pretending to adhere to objective journalistic standards have long-since been abandoned.

In a Republic, the media has a sacred duty to present facts fairly and accurately without bias so voters can make intelligent decisions. What a pipe dream that turned out to be! The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves. The media has demonstrated a willful, complete, and utter dereliction of this sacred duty.

We’ve suspected for years that the unwritten “marching orders” in liberal newsrooms across the country has been:  “If it helps a Republican, downplay it. If it helps a Democrat, play it up. Likewise, if it hurts a Republican, play it up. If it hurts a Democrat, downplay it.” As one simple example, contrast the ongoing, hostile media coverage of Donald Trump with the media infatuation and fawning over Barack Obama. The assertion then makes perfect sense.

Trump has also revealed the contempt the mainstream media has for hard-working Middle America. We now have a corrupt media and a corrupt major political party working in tandem, willing to destroy anyone who dares to hinder their quest for political domination. In the apt phrase coined by Monica Crowley, they are both “drunk with power.” In recent years, the Democratic Party has evolved into the political arm of the media, willing to be used in any way necessary to secure mutually-beneficial political objectives. It’s a bad combination and it spells a death-knell for a Republic if not halted. Taken to its logical conclusion, it’s the fast-track to fascism.

Trump Exposed the “Deep-State”

He has exposed the utter corruption of the Deep State, which can be described as the collusion between the CIA and other intelligence agencies; the military-industrial complex; the politicized wing of the FBI; the pernicious Neocons; and the permanent government bureaucracies. How prescient was President Eisenhower when he warned of the power of the “military-industrial complex”? Or how about President Truman saying the creation of the CIA was his biggest regret? The collective aim of the Deep State is to dictate American foreign policy to their own advantage, even if it’s detrimental to the country. This objective can be seen in ever-increasing international hostilities, perpetual wars, and increasing budgets for themselves. Disastrous end results are meaningless as long as more power and money are directed their way. In the 2016 election, they gravitated en masse to Hillary Clinton as the politician easiest to control and the one most likely to do their bidding. Trump presents a huge obstacle to these objectives and they are working overtime to bring him down, as the ongoing anonymous leaks from the intelligence agencies and bureaucracies reveal.

Trump Exposed the New McCarthyism

As a corollary to the exposure of the Deep State, he has shown what happens to a politician who dares to seek a lessening of tensions with Russia or to seek some beneficial “common ground.”  Remember when the Democratic Party used to be the “Peace Party?” Those days are long gone, as the unhinged Democrats have gone completely “Dr. Strangelove” over Russia in their hysterical quest to regain political power.

Because of this anti-Russian mania and virulent “Putin bashing” — which makes the worst days of the McCarthy Era look benign by comparison — the chances of a nuclear confrontation or even an accidental war have gone up dramatically. The next confrontation could make the dark days of the Cuban Missile Crisis look like a walk in the park. The Democrats don’t seem to care that they have put national survival at risk, and are willingly concocting wild stories of “Russian hacking,” and “Russian collusion,” that stoke the tensions ever higher. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we now know the only “rigging” was the DNC’s rigging of the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton against the hapless Bernie Sanders, who accepted his fate with barely a whimper. The only “collusion” was the media’s collusion with the Democrats, the most blatant example being CNN feeding Hillary Clinton debate questions – an incident deemed not worthy of the media’s attention. One can only speculate on the outrage had the political situation been reversed.

Will we survive this manufactured anti-Russian hysteria? Will anything awaken Americans from their slumber and point out the dangers the Democrats have placed us in with their drunken quest for power? Only time will tell.

Trump Exposed the Republican Party

He has exposed the wimpiness of the Establishment wing of the Republican Party and the cowardliness of its leadership. Always with their collective “fingers to the wind,” and perpetually fearful of how the media portrays them, they can’t even bring themselves to support their own elected leader. Trump takes positions that make them uncomfortable. In the past they could get by with just spouting lip-service to conservative positions, like border security, or repeal of the disaster called Obama care, or lowering taxes, or limiting the size of government, or anti-terrorism legislation. Now they actually have to vote on these issues, which means being held accountable… and they don’t like it. Although more nuanced than the Democrats, the establishment Republicans also reveal by their words and actions a contempt for the conservative base of their own party. One gets the feeling they wish the conservatives would just go away.

Trump Exposed the “Swamp”

He has exposed what happens to an “outsider” who actually tries to “drain the swamp” and run against the political establishment of both parties. However, as the political novice Donald Trump has now found out, the swamp is much deeper and wider than he ever suspected. As he attempts to clean out the cesspool in Washington, he has had to endure unprecedented personal abuse directed at him and his family. Remember the “old days” when politicians’ families were off limits? Those days are also long gone. God forbid if anyone ever said anything against an Obama family member. Crucifixion by the media and political ostracism would be the assured outcome. Now anything goes if it’s directed against a Trump family member, with the hypocritical media leading the way.

Can Trump Survive?

Can Donald Trump survive the current media onslaught? No one knows for sure. Donald Trump entered the political arena as an outsider without widespread support within his own party. The Democrats have seized upon this vulnerability and are attempting to exploit it.

Their strategy is simple:  Wear down whatever support he has left in the Republican Party with hysterical, unsubstantiated charges until the leadership completely abandons him and decides to throw in the towel. With the help of the corrupt media, the strategy appears to be working.

Yet, in Donald Trump we see a businessman-turned-politician with unusual strength and courage. I’m reminded of the remark made by one of his sons: “When people tell him he can’t do something, that’s when he’s at his best.” We can pray for Donald Trump and for our country, both now in serious jeopardy. Regardless of the outcome, we owe Donald Trump a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid. This paper has outlined a few of the reasons why.

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