Russell Pearce has taken a stand to support Donald Trump, and I agree with him.  Please read what he has to say: 

As former President of the Arizona Senate, as former Chief Deputy to Sheriff Joe, as former 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party and as a consistent Constitutional defender of our Founders Constitution, as Tea Party Patriot, I stand with the majority of Arizona Republicans and America in standing with Donald Trump.

I stand firmly beside Donald Trump for President of the United States of America. I have said from the beginning we must have a President that will put America First and not be beholding to the Washington Cartel, the Chamber of Corruption, the anti-law enforcement, pro criminal or the corrupt open border America haters.

My heart is broken over Ted Cruz leaving the race. He is and was the most Constitutional and moral conservative in the race. A man I was proud to support and one I had tremendous faith in to do the right thing for America, religious freedom, 2nd Amendment, protecting the Constitution and fixing the corrupt judiciary. Ted Cruz stood tall and stepped down instead of carrying on with a divided Primary with very little chance of getting the delegates he needed and as expected the Ted Cruz I know did what was good for America and put America above his ego. Ted Cruz is a solid Patriot and American. He will always have my support.

Americans have spoken, and there is much to be excited about. The Donald will make our enemies a little fearful about threating America, (about time). Border Patrol will be able to do the job they were hired to do (overdue). Donald Trump will do many of the things we prayed that Bush would do. He will secure our border. How many years have we been waiting for that? He will not pander to our enemies. He will defend the 2nd Amendment. He will defend the unborn. He will bring jobs back to Americans. He will, as the law requires, deport illegal aliens. He will appoint Supreme Court Justices that support the Constitution.

I was one of those who attended his 1st rally in Phoenix, because I was excited about what he brought to the debate. No one was talking about the big elephant in the room, except Cruz, and the media kind of ignored him. Donald brought up the 14th Amendment one of the greatest abuses of the Constitution and enticements for illegal aliens to break into the U.S. and have babies, Donald talked about building a wall. Donald talked about things that needed to be talked about. Donald gave us hope like Cruz did that the Washington Cartel was going out of business. Washington is afraid, and they should be afraid of losing power and a return to We the People.

I will not retreat from those values of our Founder’s Constitution, and it is time to come together. We have a Republic to save from the most corrupt President in history. Allowing a corrupt, pro-abortion, anti 2nd Amendment, pro illegal alien, anti-law enforcement, race baiting far left liberal Hillary Clinton (Obama lite), to further Obama’s destructive dismantling of America cannot be tolerated under any circumstance.

I want a warrior in the White House, a warrior for America. A campaign can be an ugly thing, but those emotions must be set aside and do what is right for America. Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary or Bernie, absolutely unacceptable. America will never recover with 8 more years of socialism, anti-America, and pro illegal alien. Enough is Enough.

Donald Trump will be our Nominee, and he has made it clear he will defend America, stand firm on 2nd Amendment, defend the unborn, secure our border, defend our nation against foreign and domestic enemies and deport those illegally in our country. He has stood firm with victims of illegal alien crimes, he stands with our Border Patrol and law enforcement. He has taken a hard stance on enforcing our laws and securing our border. He has stood firm on defending America.

Make no mistake I love this Republic and understand what is at risk. Not supporting Donald Trump will be as anti-Americam as I can imagine. I hear concerns about what he will do. Well I know what a Clinton or Bernie Presidency will do, and it will not be good for America or our Freedoms.

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