Will Governors Use their Powers to Stop Obama?

The November election favored Republicans for only one reason:  STOP OBAMA!   Governorships were won by Republicans, often in Democratic states, for one reason: STOP OBAMA!  "Governors and state legislatures have the ability to tell Obama and the Feds: not in my backyard"! 

From this article that appeared in today’s American Thinker:  

"The one thing separating the rights and safety of citizens within a state from the indignities and transformational edicts of Mr. Obama and his attorney general are the state governors. Governors are the firewall between citizens and a lording Obama. Indeed, the Founders wished it that way, giving states and local officials greater say in the lives of citizens within state jurisdiction. It is a Constitutional imperative. That is what state’s rights — our rights– are all about. These rights safeguard us from the tyrannical man the Founders feared in a Mr. Obama.  

"There is something cruel in Obama’s indifference, an emotional sneer directed at middle-class America. Thus, the need for governors to protect our vital interests against a president unwilling to protect us, one who’d rather, like Elmer Gantry,  convince us that his interests are paramount and should become ours, a man who smugly reduces mothers and fathers to being simply  Islamophobic, racist, or ”unscientific”. Obama’s indifference is no longer cool but creepy. And so is his untruth telling."

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