Abbott Doesn’t Fit My Criteria

A letter to the Editor by Julie Smith

The East Valley Tribune’s endorsement criteria for Gilbert Town Council candidates set the bar to an all new low. The criteria are listed as the background and knowledge to move Gilbert forward and candidates who are consensus builders.

The Tribune then endorsed Linda Abbott based upon its criteria. When the Tribune listed the second criteria as “consensus builders,” was it referring to Linda Abbott’s support of public employee unions and her acceptance of their support even most recently in the current election?

The Tribune noted that Gilbert is one of the least taxed municipalities and most effective governments which should continue. Did the Tribune fail to do its homework on this statement? Linda Abbott has attempted to pass three separate tax increases without a public vote!

The Tribune briefly mentioned the “controversial Zinke land purchase” as cause for the voter call of removal of the current council members. This land purchase of 142 acres intended for future parkland cost the Gilbert tax payer $300,000 per acre. Land appraisals at the time valued the land at $45,000-$67,000 per acre. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is now investigating this purchase.

Linda Abbott was one of the town council members who approved this “controversial” land purchase.

May I suggest to the Gilbert voters my criteria for Town Council Candidates? First, one who is against unnecessary tax increases; second, one who puts public safety and public works funding first; third, one who is for limited government intrusion.

My endorsements based upon my criteria are Jordan Ray and Victor Peterson! Eddie Cook got my vote also and won his seat outright in the primary. I urge all Gilbert voters to do their homework before heading to the polls next Tuesday, May 17th!

Julie Smith
Gilbert, AZ