Alert! Please Help Itasca Small Defeat Bob Worsley for Senate in LD25!

Itasca Small, a long-time supporter and activist for states rights; local control over education and stopping Common Core; and defending our State Superintendent’s constitutional powers over education in our state; is running for State Senator against Bob Worsley (R-LD25 Mesa).  Ms. Small has spent countless hours at our State Capitol educating our legislators on the proper role of government and on restoring local control over education in our public schools. Please click HERE to see her pledge and HERE to read her background on why she would like to serve her constituents in LD25.

This is our opportunity to rid LD25 of Bob Worsley who has long been a supporter of more federal involvement in our schools and Obamacare, and who continues to fight against all of our efforts to rid our state of Common Core!   He does not understand states rights and the importance of pushing back against the continual overreach from the federal government.  (See below.)

If you live in LD25 or anywhere nearby, Itasca Small needs help immediately to gather petition signatures to get on the ballot.  Click HERE to print out her petition form that needs to be copied double-sided. Please contact her Campaign Manager, Karen Gevaert, by email or phone at or 480-710-5676; or her Campaign Treasurer, Gene Dufoe, by e-mail or phone at or 480-835-9637 if you can help collect signatures. 

Also, you can sign her petition online by clicking  Ms. Small is not running as a participant in Clean Elections.  So, the online contributions option does not apply.  She is running as a traditional "non-participating" candidate.  (The online system allows 50% of the required minimum to be filed online.  So, it will allow 251 online and then lock-out any further signatures there.)

 Please help us remove Bob Worsley, one of the worst RINO’s in the Arizona State Senate!

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