Arizona Proposition 204: Bait and Switch

President Obama’s union backers are working hard trying to gain a permanent foothold into Arizona – and your wallet.  The NEA  (National Education Association)and Obama’s Organizing For America (OFA)-style companions on college campuses, Arizona Students Association (ASA), are both backing a ballot initiative that has received very little attention in the media.  It is the responsibility of all patriots to inform themselves so as not to allow this to sneak through while our attention is focused on the Presidential election.

Prop 204 creates a PERMANENT increase to the sales tax, to the tune of over $1 BILLION per year.  Arizona already has one of the highest sales taxes in the nation.  This is a highly regressive tax that will hurt poor and middle class families, as well as small businesses and the broader economy in Arizona. 

Do not be misled by the people who are saying that this is necessary for our children’s education.  Almost NONE of the money from Prop 204 will even go to the classroom.  Most of it will go to teacher salaries or to wasteful building projects.  A lot of the funds also go to the bloated public university system. 

Prop 204 Gives the Left a Billion Dollar Money Pot to Spend as they See Fit

Beyond that, not all of the funds from 204 are even for education in that broad sense.  The 16-page initiative is basically a wish list of all of the things the Democrats want, but haven’t been able to push through the legislature.  Prop 204 is really a way around the legislative process to give the Left a billion dollar pool of money to spend nearly as they see fit every year.  The money can actually go to everything from building roads or public health care programs to the boondoggle Phoenix light rail transit system downtown. 

Taxpayers be warned – this measure is a bait and switch.  It is being sold to voters as necessary to save our dysfunctional public schools, but it is NOT an education reform.  Ask yourself why the unions are supporting it if it is supposed to be good for education.  It is really just a special interest giveaway being marketed by people preying on the sympathies of parents.  Don’t fall for it!

We need to vote No on Prop 204, Visit their Facebook Page and please show your support.