BLM Agents in Oregon Burned up Cattle, Homes, Buildings, Fences, Grassland

If you haven’t been following the Hammond case in Harney County, Oregon, click HERE for the timeline, dating back to the 1970’s, of the cruel and corrupt methods used by both the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to drive this family, and many other ranchers, off their land. Click HERE for a Simple Action You Can Take to Help the Hammond Family.  

Ask yourself:  Why are we hearing about so many more catastrophic fires ever since–thanks to the environmentalists and federal agencies–private cattle ranchers and lumber operations have been driven off the land?  Add to this that the federal government controls 3 out of every 10 acres of land in America and is power hungry for more.  Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said the government’s “massive” control over land has preserved less than 1 percent of endangered species and instead harmed individuals whose livelihoods depend on land ownership. 

Oregon ranchers Steven Hammond and his father Dwight were sentenced in June 2012 as “Arsenal Terrorists.” The maximum punishment for this federal crime is death.  So, what did these ranchers do to warrant their time in prison, and the likelihood that they will be imprisoned again?  

In 2001 Steven contacted the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to advise he was going to do a routine “prescribed burn” on their property. Later that day he started a prescribed fire on their private property. The fire went onto public land and burned 127 acres of grass. The Hammonds put the fire out themselves. There was no communication about the burn from the federal government to the Hammonds at that time. Prescribed fires are a common method that Native Americans and ranchers have used in the area to increase the health & productivity of the land for many centuries. 

In 2006, a massive lightning storm started multiple fires that joined together inflaming the countryside. To prevent the fire from destroying their winter range and possibly their home, Steven Hammond started a backfire on their private property. The backfire was successful in putting out the lightning fires that had covered thousands of acres within a short period of time. The backfire saved much of the range and vegetation needed to feed the cattle through the winter. Steven’s mother, Susan Hammond said: “The backfire worked perfectly, it put out the fire, saved the range and possibly our home.” 

For this, they were arrested, tried, humiliated, and sentenced.  The penalty for “Arsenal Terrorists” is 5 years in prison.  Maximum punishment is death.     Retired BLM agent Greg Allum said he is friends with the Hammonds .  “I feel bad for them. They lost a lot and they’re going to lose more.  They’re not terrorists. There’s this hatred in the BLM for them, and I don’t get it.”

Within a few weeks of the Hammonds’ sentencing, the BLM started multiple fires that killed and injured cattle, burned homes, and burned other private property.  According to the BLM, they were trying to “stop” the spread of a lightning-caused fire that ended up burning 719,000 acres.  

That’s not true, according to ranchers in the area who recorded the actions of the BLM.  In the video, you can see the BLM agents intentionally surround a ranch with drip torches, even as the rancher is building a fire break to protect his cattle and property. "The BLM burned most of the summer feed needed for the cattle."  The unattended fire set by the BLM burned toward Frenchglen, a small town.  “Burning Frenchglen is what the BLM said they would do.”   Cattle are cornered by the BLM fire.  11 head of cattle are dead.  You will see a home catching fire and burning to the ground.  You will see fences, power poles burning up.  The BLM stated they didn’t have enough personnel to control the fire.  Yet, 2 miles down the road, about a dozen pumpers are sitting around eating snacks. BLM keeps lighting up more fires, apparently determined to burn everybody out. BLM agents threaten to arrest ranchers trying to protect their homes/cattle.   BLM agents continue to set fires within 100 feet of corral filled with cattle.  BLM agents don’t care they are being filmed.  They have been trying to drive the ranchers off their land for years.   This BLM fire injured and reportedly killed 80 cattle, put ranchers trying to save their cattle in extreme danger, burned homes and structures, power poles, fences, and threatened the town of Frenchglen. Even though all the fires were set by BLM and most were left unattended, the BLM refused to pay for the loss of the cattle, homes, fences, and corrals.  While the federal government is burning up cattle, homes, and terrorizing entire communities, the Hammonds are being prosecuted as “Arsenal Terrorists” by the federal government for saving land, homes, and cattle, and harming no one. 

"…law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of an individual.” Thomas Jefferson  

Action Needed – Action of Importance

Click HERE to read the “Notice: Redress of Grievance” and go to the links provided to add your name/group to the document.

To all People, Patriot groups, Militias, Coalitions, Churches, Families, and other Supporting entities,

It is certain that what is happening to the law-abiding citizens of Harney County and the Hammond family will happen to all citizens across the United States if we do not put an end to it.  Please understand that we must exhaust all prudent measures before taking a physical stand against the horrific actions that the People of Harney County are enduring (including the Hammond’s).  If this Notice is ignored, then one more Notice of Demand will be sent.  It will list the many petitions that have been ignored and demand that the Hammond’s rights be restored. If that final Notice is rejected then People across the Union will have justification to assemble and once again restore individual rights.

Please go to the link and add your name to the “Notice: Redress of Grievance.” 

Thank you,

The Bundy Family


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Many citizens across America sent emails to the Sheriff of Harney County, Dave Ward, asking him to support the Hammond family and to take proper action to stop the abuse and prevent any more imprisonment. Instead, Sheriff Ward provided the FBI with all of our emails.  Further, he responded to us with a statement titled "Response to Misinformation."  He also provided us with the "Reporter’s Transcript of Proceedings.  Eugene, Oregon.  October 7, 2015

Gilbert resident Rusdon Ray reviewed all of this information and wrote the following, much of which was published by Ammon Bundy.   

"First let’s acknowledge what was said in the court by the prosecutor that greatly affected the jury’s decision and influenced many who read the court proceedings. The concerning accusations brought against the Hammond’s in this transcript that most had not heard about include poaching, starting a fire to burn the evidence, and endangering firefighters in the process. That sounds pretty bad. Who would stand behind such hardened criminals? No one. We definitely don’t support such actions and would not want to be found supporting those who did such things right? Of course not. The interesting thing though, they were not convicted of any of these accusations. They were accused of these actions but never convicted for lack of evidence. The evidence simply wasn’t there. The Game and Fish found no evidence and anyone knows a grass fire could not burn a carcass. It may singe the hair off but it wouldn’t even cook the meat medium well.

"After reading these accusations and the court proceedings, it is perfectly clear that the Hammond’s were not convicted for anything other than what Ammon Bundy said they were convicted for – two fires – one permitted prescribed burn that got out of control onto BLM land before the Hammond’s could put it out, and for starting a back burn without BLM permission to save their own property from multiple, naturally started lighting range fires.

"The federal judge said he would not be putting the Hammonds back in jail for 5 years if he had the discretion to put them in for less time. He said his hands are tied because of the law. I don’t believe a judge would say that if he thought the Hammonds were really poachers and started a fire to burn the evidence. Clearly it was never proven in the mind of the judge. Even the prosecutor made it clear multiple times that he was not pushing for more than the minimum sentence for the Hammonds. I don’t believe that would be the case if the prosecutor himself really believed the Hammonds were poachers as well as arsons and guilty of attempting to cover the evidence ect. with an even worse crime of arson. That doesn’t even make sense.

Prosecutor:  "Now, some folks don’t know it, but the U.S. Probation Office is recommending the 70-month sentence,which is longer than I am recommending of 60, for Steven Hammond, and the probation office here, who looked at this case, is asking for Dwight Hammond to serve three months longer than 60 months, which I am not agreeing to. "60 months is enough. It’s the minimum that’s mandated by a statute that Congress passed, the President signed, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office is obligated to enforce."

Judge: "Again, we are a system of laws, system of laws, and if we are given discretion, we will use it, but in this instance I don’t feel I have that discretion."

Both the Judge and the prosecutor on the other hand both admit the Hammonds are good people but feel they have to follow the law regardless.

Prosecutor: "Now, back in October 2012, I stood up and said good things about these men because you can tell by all the folks in the courtroom, they have done wonderful things for their community. They are hard-working people. 4-H. They have done — they have donated some of their beef. They have had Oregon State folks come out. For most people in Burns, they are spoken of highly, and I have spent a lot of time in Burns. I also spent a lot of time above and on the land."

So what is this all about then? After reading the transcript and the judges summary it is clear that it is about exactly what Ammon said this was about. The unjust and unconstitutional federal law and BLM jurisdiction which the prosecutor even admits has done more harm than good to the land.

Prosecutor: "Now, the Hammonds, especially Steven, thinks that burning this land, and they even offered the exhibit that shows that the BLM burns it to get rid of invasive species. That’s true. We didn’t dispute that. And there is a lot of folks that want to argue BLM did a bad job burning that property when they are trying to make it better, and they can argue that all they like. Maybe they are right."

Prosecutor:  "Now, they may think BLM mismanaged them, and I know Steven Hammond said that repeatedly, and they are entitled to their opinion. But they are not entitled to burn the property. It’s not theirs. It’s the public’s. And that’s why they are here today."

These are very telling statements by the judge that clarify his anti personal property beliefs and strong belief in government ownership of all land.

Judge: "Now, there are decisions. The congress and the legislature and the initiative process make a lot of decisions and we are obligated to follow those. But when I think back of what really this is all about is we hold all these resources in trust for the next people to come after us, and are we leaving them with as many opportunities as we have all had?"

Judge:  "So you don’t celebrate by dropping matches anywhere, if that’s what happened. You don’t just drop matches everywhere. You know that. But more importantly, you have respect when you have the privilege, the privilege of using public lands to make a livelihood."

Judge: "But you don’t have the right to make decisions on public lands when it’s not yours and there are processes and laws in place that give you an opportunity to engage the governmental bodies to preserve that land. Now, I don’t subscribe to the theory that we just get to own everything. We hold it as people in public trust for the next generations."

This is what the judge intends for the Hammonds learn from their long prison sentence. Become subjects and recognize your place in the new order of things.

Judge: "So I suspect you are going to make contributions when you go back into the community that perhaps you will be able to talk to people about making better choices and to be respectful and to build relationships with those organizations, those governmental agencies, those individuals who are trying their best to do what’s expected, and that is be great stewards for the next generation of the


What is clear is the Courts make it nearly impossible for the Hammonds to keep the land so it will fall into the hands of the BLM forever.

Judge: "Upon release from confinement from the institution, you will serve a three-year term of supervised release. I am willing to take a look at that down the road. Those terms and conditions are general and they are set by probation. The special conditions are as follows: You shall disclose all assets and liabilities to your probation officer and shall not transfer, give away, or otherwise convey any asset with a fair market value in excess of $500 without approval of the probation officer. You shall not make application for loans, enter into any credit arrangement, or enter into a residential or business lease agreement without approval of your probation officer. You shall authorize to the U.S. Probation Office any and all financial information by executing a release of financial information form or by any other appropriate means as directed by your probation officer.

"Next, you shall have no contact with the Bureau of Land Management employees in person, by telephone, through correspondence or a third party or enter land owned by the Bureau of Land Management without prior approval of your probation officer. If you have a need, you certainly need to make contact, and that will be, I am sure, afforded you for the purpose requested.

"Next, you are to abide by a civil settlement with the Bureau of Land Management; in this case, specifically payment of $400,000, the balance of which will be paid in full — that is–December of 2015."

I hope this helps to clarify what the judge and prosecutor believe this is all about.

We know what many of these ranchers are standing for – The Constitution and preserving freedom and liberty and the opportunities that we want to preserve for future generations. Keep up the good fight.

2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

Alma 43:45 Nevertheless, the Nephites were inspired by a better cause, for they were not fighting for monarchy nor power but they were fighting for their homes and their liberties, their wives and their children, and their all, yea, for their rites of worship and their church.

Rusdon Ray