Bob Worsley’s Anti-Parent Votes

You will find this statement on Legislative District 25 incumbent Senator Bob Worsley’s website:  “Family has defined my life..”  How nice…..for him and his family.  But he has no respect for your family, or your fundamental liberty as a parent to “direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of your children.”  This God-given right is honored and upheld in the Arizona Constitution.  See Arizona Revised Statutes 1-601 and 1-602 explicitly protect parental rights.  

Please consider Official Write-In Candidate Itasca Small, NOT Bob Worsley. 

Nobody–and no entity–has the right to insert themselves between you as a responsible, caring, and protective parent and your own child.  Nobody!

But that’s exactly what Bob Worsley (along with his Democrat allies and arrogant RINO cronies Jeff DialAdam Driggs, and Steve Pierce) have been doing.    

They have voted against every attempt by true conservative legislators to return our K-12 educational system to Arizona, local school districts, and parents.  

Worsley and his RINO gang have repeatedly voted against parental opt-out rights.  They have repeatedly voted to retain the nationalized Common Core system, including its aligned curriculum, and whatever assessments (PARCC, AZMERIT) are aligned with them. (If you haven’t educated yourself about the unvalidated, federal/corporate take-over of our local K-12 schools, I suggest you begin by spending 40 minutes watching BUILDING THE MACHINE – The Common Core Documentary.  You will know more about CC than 90% of elected officials at both the state and federal levels. Also read  The National Common Core Standards System.  Also see articles listed below.)   

Bob Worsley’s voting record proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he is very comfortable with Big Government, Big Corporate, and Special Interest control over the education that every Arizona child receives beginning in Kindergarten through Grade 12.  

He has helped defeat excellent bills that would have allowed Arizona, local school boards, and parents determine what’s best for Arizona’s students.  These bills include:  SB1455 HB2246HB2190 SB1305SB1458 SB1395SB1396SB1095and SB1310   

SB1455. Bob Worsley helped deliver a crushing blow to parents of school age children when, on March 17, 2016, he and 5 other Republicans joined the Democrats and voted against SB1455. This bill acknowledged parents’ natural right to protect their children from harm.  It would have given parents the ability to opt their children out of Arizona’s statewide student assessment system.  Current "flavor of the moment" assessment is AzMerit, an unvalidated test, based on the nationalized Common Core standards.  As a result of his vote, children whose parents refused to allow them to take this test were tormented, bullied, and intimidated by local school administrators and teachers.

The bullying by school officials got so bad that Sen. Sylvia Allen stepped in with a statement, calling for schools to respect parents over their assessment concerns, and to stop bullying their children!   

GW thanks Jennifer Reynolds, publisher of Arizonans Against Common Core for the following list of bills that Bob Worsley helped defeat:

HB2246.  In 2015, Worsley joined Democrats to help defeat an Opt Out bill similar to SB1455  Among other provisions, this bill would have allowed parents to "opt out" of the statewide assessment.  It would have exempted a student from the third grade reading retention requirement if that student’s parent had opted-out of the statewide student assessment system. It specified that the lack of assessment results for a student who has been opted-out of the statewide student assessment system may not: a) be factored in the school district or school achievement profile; b) be contained in the school report card; and c) be factored into teacher performance classifications or performance based pay systems. It required a school district or charter school to use an alternative method to determine whether a third grade student’s reading ability is sufficient to promote that student from the third grade if the parent has opted-out from the statewide student assessment system.  It did not allow students to be penalized with a low GPA nor schools with a lowered letter grade due to "opting out." This bill failed in the Senate on 3/31/15 with a 14-15-1 vote.   It was "reconsidered" for another vote on 4/1/15 and failed again with a 15-15 vote

HB2190.  Worsley joined Democrats in defeating this bill, which would have repealed Common Core Standards (aka Arizona College and Career Ready Standards) and replace them with our own "Arizona Standards" written by the State Board of Education (SBE).  It also would have established a method for protecting student data from being shared with "outside entities."  

SB1305.  This bill  would have established a "Continuous Standards Improvement Committee" to evaluate the "Arizona College and Career Ready" standards for improvements once a year. Worsley, Dial, Driggs, Pierce, and Shooter joined Democrats to defeat this bill in the Senate on 2/24/15 with a 12-18 vote.   

SB1458.  This bill would have eliminated the State Board of Education authority to adopt and prescribe certain K-12 educational functions by requiring each district board and each charter school governing body to, among other provisions, adopt academic standards that meet or exceed the standards adopted by the SBE during or after the 1998-1999 school year.   Worsley did his part to help defeat this bill in the Senate with a 10-19-1 vote.  

SB1395.  This bill would have allowed school Districts or Charter Schools to "opt out" of any competency requirements or assessments adopted by the State Board of Education. They must adopt their own standards or assessments, as a replacement, and they must meet competency requirements that are as good as Year 1999 standards and assessments or greater. Thanks to Worsley and his gang, this bill died in the Senate on March 17, 2014 with a 12-17 vote

SB1396.  This bill would have required school districts and charter schools to adopt standards that meet or exceed standards in our state from the Year 1999, provide competency requirements, a minimum course of study and assessments, unless they agree to those adopted and prescribed by the State Board of Education. This bill was amended with SB1095 (Withdrawal from PARCC bill) in the Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) by Senator Chester Crandell. Worsley helped kill the bill, which died in the Senate on March 17 with a12-17 vote. 

SB1095 would have withdrawn Arizona from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and may not implement the assessments aligned to the Common Core standards by that partnership. This state would not be able to enter or renew an agreement with any outside entity that develops academic standards and assessment for use in multiple states without approval, in writing, by the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate. This bill was "amended" onto SB1396 during Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) on 3/12/14Worsley helped kill it in the Senate on March 17 with a 12-17 vote.  

SB1310.  This bill would have prohibited the State Board of Education from adopting or revising curricular standards in a manner that would effectively implement the Common Core Standards. It also required the State board to withdraw from PARCC and select an existing nationally administered standardized test that is currently accepted as a high school achievement and college entrance exam. Thanks to Bob Worsley, Democrats and RINOs, this bill died on March 5, 2014 during the Third Read in the Senate.  

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