Itasca Small for Arizona Senate (LD25): DEFEAT Bob Worsley!

Itasca Small is an official write-in candidate running against Bob Worsley in LD25.  Ms. Small is a long-time supporter and activist for Arizona’s sovereign rights, local control over education, and stopping the Common Core machine.  She is pro-Bill of Rights, Parental Rights, and Individual Liberty.  She is against the misuse of tax dollars, including subsidizing corporate welfare and taxpayer-paid entitlement programs, such as ObamaCare (Medicaid Expansion). Her campaign slogan is "Liberty Begins in our Own Backyard!  SMALL for small government!"  

Itasca is not a passive observer of the Arizona Legislature; rather, she has spent hundreds of hours at our State Capitol as a citizen lobbyist, defending both our U.S. Constitution and Arizona Constitution, and.educating legislators on the proper role of government.  

I have known and worked with Ms. Small on many occasions.  She is unapologetically passionate about her convictions. Yet, she is always open, respectful, and gracious when responding to differing views.  Her humility is refreshing.    See her article titled Arizona Standards Committee Working on a Faulty Premise

States Ms. Small, "I am not a natural speaker.  But God gives me the words, and, in spite of my aversion to public speaking, live audiences are usually inspired by my message.  I’m thankful that God helps me to do as well as I do." 

If you want a candidate who will be faithful to her Oath of Office, please write in Itasca Small for Arizona Senate (LD25).  

In this short video clip from a meeting in November, 2015, she spontaneously and passionately speaks to some issues relating to Common Core.  

This is our opportunity to rid LD25 of Bob Worsley who has long been a supporter of more federal involvement in our schools, and who continues to fight against all of our efforts to rid our state of Common Core!   He does not fight for states rights, nor does he push back against the continual overreach of the federal government.

Bob Worsley strongly supported legislation that would provide $45 million in taxpayer funds over 30 years to the Phoenix International Raceway (PIR).   According to Worsley’s Amendment, the bill, "appropriates $1.5 million annually to the Office of Tourism, in 12 equal monthly installments, if PIR incurs a special sporting event project cost of at least $100 million; it continues the appropriation through FY 2051."  

They don’t even have to make a profit! They just have to prove they spent at least $100 million for a special sporting event per fiscal year to get the $45 million in taxpayer funds over 30 years!!  

This money could have been spent on Educating Arizona’s Children.  

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